RHKYC Boat Hire / Approved Helm List


Any Club member wishing to hire out Club sailing craft from Middle Island must first apply to have their name added to the Approved Helm list. To do this please complete the application form, indicating the craft for which you would like to be approved and the criteria you fulfil. Forms should be submitted to the Sailing Office with copies of all relevant certificates, documents and logs supporting your application.

Should you require taking a dinghy test or rigging session this can be arranged.

Indemnity Forms

Parents applying on behalf of Child & Cadet members should submit the form as outlined above. If your child is deemed to have fulfilled the relevant criteria, you will be sent an Indemnity form to complete. On receipt of this form, the Club will add your child's name to the Approved Helm list.


Child Members - Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Cadet Members - are encouraged to be accompanied by a parent or guardian but if unaccompanied must note down their parent's contact number on the Club 'sign out' chit.

Members hiring boats are strongly recommended to take their mobile phone with them while sailing. A number of waterproof bags to fit most types of phone are available to borrow at Middle Island. They can also be purchased at the Middle Island bar or the Ship Shop at Kellett Island.

Hire of Craft

Members should note that

  • On arrival at Middle Island, you should liaise with Laurence Wong, the Marine Supervisor who will assist you with the hiring of craft
  • you will be required to show your Membership card to the Marine staff at Middle Island before you will be allowed to sign a boat out
  • Laurence can be contacted on 2812 7202 should you need to contact him prior to arriving at Middle Island
  • Boats may be reserved by members up to 2 days in advance by calling Laurence Wong, the Middle Island Marine Supervisor, on 2812 7202.
  •  This booking time may be extended in cases of special events sanctioned by the Sailing Committee.
  • Members will be charged at the time of booking with no refunds available.
  • The J80 and Beneteaus need to be booked at least 24hrs in advance.
  • Further information regarding the hire of craft from Middle Island can be obtained from Jono Rankine, MI – Sailing and Marine Manager on Tel 2812 0172 or email jono.rankine@rhkyc.org.hk