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Clean Regattas

Clean Regattas

Clean Regattas is a programme organized by “Sailors for the Sea”. It is a world’s leading sustainability certification for water-based events that offers tool kits to improve environmental footprint. Used globally by Opti sailors to the American’s Cup competitors – over 3,400 regattas and 850,000 sailors have participated in the programme.

Since 2016, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club has been participating in the Clean Regattas, and we are the first Hong Kong based Yacht Club and second in Asia Pacific to be awarded Platinum Level Certification.

China Coast Regatta 2022

Hong Kong Race Week 2023

Inter Schools Sailing Festival 2023
Here are some of the best practices that RHKYC doing at sailing events Tips to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles at Clean Regattas
Our Hong Kong Race Week 2023 Clean Regattas Report was chosen to be part of the global Sustainability Report! SUSTAINABILITY LIBRARY
The certification level is determined by the percentage of compliance with 20 best practices across five categories. Clean Regattas Toolkit - A complete guide toward certification
So far, the club awarded 3 Platinum 45 Gold 7 Silver and 6 Bronze certificates.

Inter Schools Sailing Festival 2023
Hong Kong Race Week 2023
China Coast Regatta 2022

Spring Regatta 2023
Sportsboat Class Racing 2023
Dragon Class Racing 2023
Ruffian Class Racing 2023
Pandora Class Racing 2023
Impala Class Racing 2023
Flying 15 Class Racing 2023
Etchells Class Racing 2023
J80 Class Racing 2023
Big Boat Class Racing 2023
Lipton Trophy 2022
Autumn Regatta 2022
Spring Regatta 2022
HKRNVR Memorial Vase 2022
Nations' Cup 2022
Tomes Cup 2022
YMC Alma Mater Cup 2021
Lipton Trophy 2021
Around the Island Race 2021
China Coast Regatta 2021
Autumn Regatta 2021
Champion of Champions 2021
Spring Regatta 2021
Sportsboat Class Championship 2021
Sportsboats Class Racing Season 2021
Dragon Class Racing Season 2021
Ruffian Class Racing Season 2021
Pandora Class Racing Season 2021
Impala Class Racing Season 2021
Flying 15 Class Racing Season 2021
Etchells Class Racing Season 2021
J80 Class Racing Season 2021
Big Boat Class Racing Series 2021
J80 Class Championship 2020
Etchells Class Championship 2020
Dragon Class Championship 2020
Lipton Trophy 2020
Around the Island Race 2020
China Coast Race Week 2020
Autumn Regatta 2020
Inter Schools Sailing Festival 2019
Hong Kong Race Week 2019
Inter-Schools Sailing Festival 2018
Hong Kong Race Week 2018
29er Open & World Championship 2018

Kellett Island Cup 2020
Nation's Cup 2020
29er World Championship - Hong Kong 2018
29er Hong Kong Open 2017
IODA Optimist Asian and Oceanian Championship 2017
Inter Schools Sailing Festival 2017
Hong Kong Race Week 2017

HKODA National & Open Regatta 2019
Etchells Hong Kong Asia Pacific Championship 2017
Hong Kong Etchells 2016 Open Class Championship
Hong Kong Flying Fifteen Class Championships 2016
Inter-school Sailing Festival 2016
Hong Kong Race Week 2016