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Crew Board

image: Guy Nowell

Crew Wanted

Please send your information to if you need crew.


Contact Details

Information / Details

Information / Details





Crew Available

If you want to crew for a specific class, please send your details to
We will keep entries posted for around 3 months, but if you would like to be re-posted, please let us know!


Contact Details

Experience / Qualifications


Regan Yeung

Emailor +852 96064865

29y/o and fit , Regular race skipper at the ruffian class. Race winner as skipper with 10 years of sailing experience. Competed for US university team and have crewed for multiple sport boat and cruiser classes off-season. Have experiences for all positions on the boat. Qualified for Sea Survival and first aid this year. Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Eager and extremely competitive.


On short notice for both practice and races

Fibi Ho

Emailor +852 9709 9705

Hi everyone, I'm Fibi 35 y.o. a beginner in sailing and just completed HKSF Dinghy Sailing level 1 and waiting to start level 2. I am keen to learn and want to get more experience. Willing to become a crew member for cruising or racing.   I am looking forward to contributing here!  Thank you very much  


Weekdays with notice and weekend 

Rodney Ng

Emailor +852 9223 3767

Hi all, I just love being out in the water – from dinghy sailing (attained HKSF Level 1 and 2) and some brief hours on a larger keelboat, I find the interconnecting disciplines of physics and fluid dynamics, tactical and intellectual teamwork skills demand for crew such immersive and challenging experience that I would really love to continue to learn and meet more like-minded people in this friendly community!

I’m an introductory scheme member, an RIBA architect by profession as my day job but I can be available on occasional weekdays and most weekends. I am eager to join any keelboat for both leisure cruising or even racing (only if you consider I can be fit for that!) 


Most weekends and occasional weekdays

Carl Zhao

+852 5508 7010

Mostly dinghy sailing as a kid growing up in North America, and I have completed HKSF Levels 1&2 here in Hong Kong. I am looking to learn more about sailing keelboats, and would love to join a friendly boat for cruising or racing. Happy to do any job on the boat; I’ve been told I’m decent human ballast. 172cm tall and 68kg, Chinese-Canadian, English and Mandarin speaker. I am currently an Introductory Member.


Saturdays and occasionally weekdays with notice

Giancarlo De Francesco

Emailor +852 53261797
WhatsApp +1 860 437 7528 

I am a postgraduate student from the US studying at HKU. During my undergraduate program I was a member of my school’s sailing team racing in the NWICSA district for Western Washington University. My primary racing background is with FJ and 420 dinghy boats. I also have sailed Lasers, Alphas, Dyer Dhows, JY15s, a J22, Solings, J70s, and a Catalina 34. I also have limited experience on catamarans having sailed a prindle and hobi cat. Additionally, I know the basics of windsurfing and am learning more every time I get to go.  

I am a certified level 1 sailing instructor with US sailing and have taught sailing for the past 4 years.

My reason for reaching out is I am hoping to get involved with the racing community here in Hong Kong. I brought all my sailing gear and my PFD. I’m wondering if it would be possible to join a weekly racing series. I am eager to get on the water!  I’m 191 cm tall and weigh 73kg so I’m a good crew for pit but I don’t often crew in that position.


W eekends and on weeknights

Francesco Cavallero


Hi! This is Francesco. 22yo from Italy. I grew  up sailing and doing all sorts of water sports. Water polo player. But before that, I'm a team player. 183 cm and athletic. Just moved to HK for work.

I raced catamarans and dinghies from 10 to 16 yo. From 17 until now, I've been working both as a sailing instructor on dinghies and as a skipper on big boats in Sardinia.

I'd love to join a crew here and gain some racing experience (and have a lot of fun along the way!)  .



Sandra Liu

+852 9034 6023

I am available to be crew for a day sail if anyone who is looking for crew in Hong Kong.  I am a qualified an ISS Inshore Skipper since July 2022 and license for power boat level 2 issued via RYA.  I have experiences of sailing in Thailand.

I looking forward to learn and contribute, racing or crewing my skill and be a part of the team.


Anytime during the weekend or weekdays

Kai J

Emailor +852 5211 8578

I am an introductory member and completed HKSF Level 1 & 2 just now. I am also planning to do a few supervised sailing with RHKYC. 

I am willing to learn and to take any tasks that are applicable. I have a flexible schedule.


Weekdays and public holidays

Benoit Ganzmann +852 5504 2292

48y.o French.  I use to take classes at the Middle Island Club (Class 2 dinghies) during my 10 years living in Hong Kong I spent the last 5 years in Shanghai where I was a member of the Shanghai Yacht Club I’m back to Hong Kong and would like to find a team for cruising mainly or racing occasionally


Joe Kwok

Emailor +852 9883 8333 I have attained HKSF Level 3 in 2016 and done spinnaker sailing on various dinghies e.g. 420, Magno and Laser 2000. Got my PVOC Grade 2 in 2021 and St. John First Aid Certification in 2022.

I have joined a couple of J/80 and Big Boat races. I am a native Cantonese speaker and fluent in English. I weigh 66kg and am 176cm tall. I am eager to crew on any class of sailboats.

Most weekends (and weekdays occasionally)
Jon B Emailor +852 9188 3308 I have some basic experience in my youth on keelboats doing some leisure sailing in Germany/Denmark. I've recently built up some dinghy sailing experience with HKSF Levels 1 & 2 and Further Sailing. Hoping to join a crew and get more into racing. I have PVOCC2 to help with race management too. I'm a temporary/introductory member.

Edwin Choi Emailor +852 9191 3837 I am an introductory member and completed HKSF Level 1 & 2 in Oct 2021. I did a few supervised sailing with RHKYC and a fun race on Dragon after that. I am eager to learn to gain more experience in different kind of sailboats.

Weekends/public holidays and occasional weekdays.
Talia S Email I'm a long time pleasure sailing crew (HK, Thailand, Greece) looking to get race sailing experience under my belt. Crurently embarking on the day-skipper theoretical. Looking to learn or contribute, racing or crewing. Eager and willing, for any task. Plus will bring good vibes!

Any day. Weekend & weekdays.
Chris Hui Emailor +852 6149 8919

I am an introductory member and I do have certified level 1 & 2 at RHKYC adult sailing class on RS Quest.

I had been participate few races and practise at different class of sail.  

I’m willing to learn anything about sailing and willing to take any tasks or roles applicable.

My ultimate goal is having my own sailboat but at this moment, learning the detail, gaining more race experience on any class of vessel.


Weekends and public holidays
Billy Ma Emailor +852 6150 6320 I am an introductory member and I have completed the HKSF Dinghy Sailing Level 1 & 2 in May 2021. I am 35 years old and would like to gain more experience in any sailboat class.

Weekends and occasional weekdays
Alex & Lisa Peers Emailor +852 9660 2796 2 crew members available, Swiss & Brit qualified up to Day Skipper on a Bavaria 44 with some experience on other smaller craft.  Keen to learn more and get more experience.  Not been racing yet but both hard workers and quick learners.  Good at bringing snacks! Friday, Saturday & Sunday (weekdays with some advance notice).

Alexander Thomas


ISSA Inshore Skipper + VHF radio certified for larger boats. Have been sailing dinghies in HK since childhood and am a former RHKYC cadet member. Familiar with all aspects of navigation and can use Navionics. Good physical strength and tall (helpful for rigging and derigging!) + strong swimmer. Other interests include kayaking, scuba, and gym.


Weekends  and weekdays (weekdays require some advance notice).

Nils Hesse


am ASA 101, 103 and 104 (US day skipper equivalent) certified, as well as HKSF Dinghy Level 1&2, and hold a PVOL 2 license. I have done a couple of solo cruising charters in Phuket (32-36ft) and used to own a sailboat in HK (40ft) until I traded that in for an open top cruiser (24ft) due to family reasons (young kids). Sailed on different sailing yachts (32ft-40ft), Laser Bahias, J80s. While it’s been a couple of years since I have sailed regularly, I am eager to get back into it and have been doing a few day sails recently. I haven’t any racing experience but am keen to learn and participate in any way I can. Available Saturdays as well as occasional weekdays and can swing Sundays and public holidays for special occasions (e.g. races)


Saturdays and occasional weekdays

Laibond Cheng Emailor +852 9320 0310

I've a Level 2 Cert with hours on dinghies (topper, 420, laser, hobie cat).  Though I'm inexperienced with keelboats, I'm willing and able to learn and help! I have a flexible schedule so can do weekdays and weekends.