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We welcome you to join our community at Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club where we are passionate about our sports of sailing, rowing and paddling as well as our environment, particularly the health of our oceans.



Club Sampan Suspension 

Saturday 22 May - from 1100 to 1400hrs and 1630 to 1830hrs
Sunday 23 May - from 0930 to 1230hrs and 1530 to 1800hrs

The Spring Regatta is one of the club's premier regattas and due to the large number of sailors taking part, the Club’s sampans will not provide any pick up or drop off service between the Jardine Steps and Kellett Island pontoon and moorings, during the above times.  All sampans will be used to take members from the Kellett Island slipway to their boats, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. 


Sailing Rowing/Paddling Social / F&B