Welcome to Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club!

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC) is one of the oldest and largest sports clubs in Hong Kong, with a rich, colourful history that spans 170 years of community and competitive sailing and rowing. The RHKYC provides training programmes for practitioners of all abilities and ages -- both members and non-members -- to nurture their development, produce elite athletes capable of competing at the highest levels, and contribute to the growth and popularity of these great pastimes. The Club also organises a full calendar of high-profile local and international race events, helping place Hong Kong firmly on the global sporting map.



Precautionary Measures and Special Notices for Covid-19 click here.


Dear Fellow Members,

Finally some good news after over a month without any changes. You all will be happy to note that effective from Friday 30 October:

  • table sizes in restaurants will increase from 4 to 6 people (tables inside the Main Bar to remain at 4 people)
  • all venues may increase capacity to 75%
  • dancing and live shows will be allowed
  • the operating hours of the Main Bar return to normal, however please DO note that bar tables will REMAIN at a maximum of 4 people
  • maximum group gathering REMAINS at 4 people (unless seated at a restaurant table) 
  • and masks must be worn at all times when moving around the Club 

Another few steps towards a return to normality!.  And it’s a good thing! But stay alert, be responsible and continue adhering to all social distancing measures. With your continued support and patience we can all enjoy our club and our sports.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Club!

Yours faithfully,

Denis Martinet

Sailing Rowing/Paddling Social / F&B