Members Notice- Shelter Cove Sampan

Dear Members,

The Marine sub-committee have received several complaints from members regarding the long wait for a sampan to take them from, or to, their boat on the Club mooring when the sampan is occupied taking other members to be dropped off at Hebe Haven Yacht Club pontoon.  At times members have had to wait for more than thirty minutes for the sampan to return to pick them up.

The Marine sub-committee and Sailing Committee discussed these complaints and have agreed to the implementation of the following system of sampan operating procedures;

  • On Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays, between the hours of 0900 and 1800, an on demand ferry service (likely to be Kellett VII) will take members and their guests directly between Shelter Cove pontoon and Hebe Haven Yacht Club (HHYC) pontoon. The ferry service will not drop off or pick up, members and their guests, at any vessel on the moorings or at anchor whilst travelling between Shelter Cove and HHYC.
  • On Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays, between the hours of 0900 and 1800 the Shelter Cove sampans will only transfer members between Shelter Cove and boats on moorings, and will not transport members or their guests to or from HHYC, or to or from the Pak Sha Wan public pier either directly from Shelter Cove pontoon or to or from their vessel’s mooring or anchorage. 
  • Members on their vessel, who wish to go to HHYC, should take the Club sampan ashore to Shelter Cove where they can then board the ferry service to HHYC from the SC pontoon.
  • Members who wish to be picked up by the ferry at HHYC should call the sampan to arrange a pickup which will drop off only at the Shelter Cove pontoon.
  • Out with the hours above and during the week the sampan will continue to take members to and from the HHYC pontoon.


The telephone number of the Shelter Cove sampan is 9425 9138.

Thank you for your attention and co-operation in this matter.

Marine Office.
28 May 2019