Club Operations up to and including 3 February

Up to at least 3 February inclusive, please note:

•    All organised sailing, rowing and paddling will be suspended.  This includes races, regattas, training and recreational/leisure activities.
•    You may use the hardstanding at Kellett Island, Middle Island and Shelter Cove to do work on your boat.
•    All slipways will be closed.
•    The Boatyard and Ship Shop will continue as usual.
•    The cranes will remain operational to facilitate boat repairs but not for launching or retrieving class boats.
•    The sampans will continue to operate and pontoons remain open
•    The Squash, Gym, Snooker and Bowling facilities will all be closed.  The Swimming Pool remains closed.
•    The outdoor exercise area on the roof of the Annex building will be closed.
•    All children’s facilities, both indoor and outdoor will be closed. 
•    Food and Beverage Revised Operating Hours
•    The Bistro will close at 1800hrs. Last order at 1715hrs. 
•    Takeaway last order at 1915hrs and last pick-up at 2000hrs.
•    Bistro Deli will close at 2000hrs. Opening time remains 1130hrs on Monday to Friday and 1030hrs on Saturdays and Sundays.
•    Compass Room Lunch Weekdays – Will close at 1500hrs. Last order at 1400hrs.  
•    Compass Room Weekdays - Special light menu with Champagne available between 1500hrs and 1745hrs.
•    Compass Room Weekends - Will be open for two sittings on Saturdays and Sundays.  1200hrs – 1430hrs for first sitting.  1515hrs to 1745hrs for second sitting.  
•    Steakhouse will close until further notice on Weekdays (menu available in Compass Room),but will be open on Weekends for two sittings with the same timings as the Compass Room.
•    Main Deck will remain open for the service of food and beverage.
•    Main Bar will close until further notice.
•    Sports Bar and Bowling Alley will close until further notice. 
•    Middle Island will stop Food and Beverages service at 1745hrs. Last food order at 1700hrs.
•    Shelter Cove Clubhouse will close at 1800hrs. Last order at 1715hrs. Takeaway last order at 1900hrs and last pick-up at 2000hrs.
•    All buffet service will be suspended until further notice.
•    Banqueting functions will continue, however will close at 1800hrs.