Wednesday, 4 November (1830hrs - 1930hrs) Tomes Room

RHKYC Charity Foundation is hosting a series of talks called 'People Fixing Asia'.  Inspiring guest speakers have been invited to share with our members and guests on various topics about making Asia a better place.

Topic: Having Our (Napoleon) Fish and Eating It Too
The Napoleon (or Humphead) wrasse is one of the largest of all reef fishes, reaching up to 2m and 200kg. It is also highly desired as a luxury, expensive, seafood delicacy in China.

A combination of demand by consumers and high-profit margins for traders combined with a 'slow' life history, which makes it difficult for populations to recover from fishing, has threatened this spectacular species in some countries.

How can we preserve Napoleon for the future, for divers to enjoy and for it to keep its place in the reef ecosystem, while also supplying a hungry seafood trade? Actions and options are explored.  

Speaker: Prof. Yvonne Sadovy, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong
Prof. Sadovy joined The University of Hong Kong in 1993 and retired in 2019. She continues her connection with the University as an Honorary Professor and continues her work in the region. Her teaching and research focus on the biology, fisheries management and conservation of fishes, especially reef fishes and those that are threatened. She is co-Chair and founder of the IUCN Groupers & Wrasses Specialist Group and co-founder and Director of SCRFA (Science and Conservation of Fish Aggregations).

The talk is not limited to adults, so bring your little ones (and their friends) to meet with Prof. Yvonne Sadovy!  Please help to spread the words and learn more on how we can preserve the beauty of our nature.

This is free of charge for members and their guests.  Please save your seats by clicking the 'Book Now' button at the top of this page so we know how many are joining.


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