Monday, 29 October to Tuesday, 31 December

Where & When
All sessions take place at our Dinghy Training Centre at Middle Island (located between Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay)

Course Confirmation
One month before the course starts priority is given to RHKYC members and non-members who are on the RHKYC Category C membership waiting list. All other applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Once we have the required student numbers (+3) we will send you confirmation by email with more course details. Course dates are subject to change.

Cancellations will only be accepted more than 3 weeks prior to the first date. Course fee will be forfeit after this deadline. Students who do not turn up for a course/session will be charged the full course fee.

Subvention of course fee for volunteers
After successful completion of the Level 2 Powerboat Course and Safety Boat Course, RHKYC Members on the Approved RIB Helm List may apply to the Sailing Committee for subvention of the course fee to a maximum value of 75% of the cost. Subvention will be dependent on the member assisting at Club events as a powerboat driver within 12 months of their course completion, with 25% of the cost credited per event-day. Please complete and return the subvention form to and this should be returned after fulfilling the subvention criteria.

Subvention Form

Contact Us
General enquiry (T) 2812 7063  (E)


Registration Form

RYA Powerboat Level 2 Courses including Assessment

Course Times: 0930hrs to 1700hrs

Option PBL2/8      6 & 7 July 2019(FULL)  
Option PBL2/9       10 & 11 Aug 2019
Option PBL2/10       24 & 25 Aug 2019
Option PBL2/11       28  & 29 Sept 2019
Option PBL2/12       5 & 6 Oct 2019
Option PBL2/13       26  & 27 Oct 2019
Option PBL2/14       16 & 17 Nov 2019
Option PBL2/15       7 & 8 Dec 2019
Option PBL2/16       21 & 22 Dec 2019


RYA Safety Boat Course (applicants must hold RYA Level 2 first)

 Course Times: 0930hrs to 1700hrs

Option SB1 15 & 16 June 2019
Option SB2 27 & 28 July 2019
Option SB3         7 & 8 Sept 2019
Option SB4         9 & 10 Nov 2019


Course Rates: Course fee includes use of equipment, instruction, lunch each day, RYA Powerboat Syllabus and Logbook, RYA Powerboat handbook and RYA certification.

Course Rates

(effective in July)

RHKYC Members

Non-members Payment by Cheque /Credit Card

 Powerboat Level 2 Course (2 days)



 Safety Boat Course (2 days)



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