Saturday, 1 January to Thursday, 3 February

Planning for your Chinese New Year dinner with your family and loved ones? Take our festive Poon Choi for a hearty celebration
at home!

Available at $1,788 per pot good enough for 6 persons, including
the clay pot, lettuce and broth on side.

Poon Choi layers include:
Dried Scallops 瑤柱, Prawns 蝦, Abalone 鮑魚, Dried Oyster 蠔豉,
Black Mushrooms 花菇, Chicken 雞, Fish Maw 魚肚, Goose Web 鵝掌,
Pork Belly 豬腩肉, Pork Skin 豬皮, Fish Ball 魚蛋, Lotus Root 蓮藕,
White Turnip 蘿蔔, Beancurd Puff 豆卜, Broccoli 西蘭花, Lettuce 生菜


Available for pick up from 17 January till 6 February 2022. 3-day advance order is required.
(Ordering deadline is 3 February 2022)

(no pick-up on 1 and 3 February 2022, pick-up on 31 January by 1430hrs)

Should you wish to order, you may go to Bistro online ordering platform for immediate order, or click HERE to leave your details for us to get back to you in 2 working days.


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