RHKYC Youth Sail Training

Covid-19 Announcement (last update - 5 Aug 2020)

All Sail Training courses running/commencing between 15Jul and 16Aug are cancelled.  Next update - 12Aug.


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Summer School Holiday Sail Training Programme has been launched. The schedule is now available here:

For Junior Sailors(Ages 6-10) :

For Youth Sailors(Ages 10-18):

Note: RHKYC Members will have priority prior to 20 May . From 20 May, non-members will be able to enroll.



* Due to the heavy demand, we could not arrange private lessons during Jun-Aug.

The Club can organise private lessons or additional courses for groups of 4 to 6 students subject to instructor and equipment availability.

Contact: Centre Manager, Luke Van der Kamp Luke.vanderkamp@rhkyc.org.hk  / +852 2812 7303



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Sail Training Courses Additional Spaces Notification List [June to December 2020]

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General Enquiries, Gloria Yeung sailtrain@rhkyc.org.hk / +852 2812 7063
Centre Manager,  Luke Van der Kamp - Luke.vanderkamp@rhkyc.org.hk / +852 2812 7303
Senior Sailing Instructor, Kelvin Lau kelvin.Lau@rhkyc.org.hk / +852 2812 7303
MI Sailing and Marine Manager, Jono Rankine jono.rankine@rhkyc.org.hk / +852 2812 0172