RHKYC Sustainability Vision and Principles


As an institution that revolves around water, the RHKYC is committed to helping protect and conserve the marine environment. By supporting events related to marine environmental issues and promoting best practice amongst our members we will not only contribute towards reducing pollution but we will be enhancing the marine environment. By acting responsibly and proactively trying to minimise the club’s carbon footprint, we will also help reduce the club’s impact on the wider environment. In doing this, quite apart from being able to enjoy our sports in a better and cleaner marine environment, we will also be contributing to wider efforts to create a sustainable and less polluted future.


The RHKYC will become an acknowledged supporter of marine conservation, inspiring & educating members and the wider public to ensure we leave the sea and shore in a healthier condition than how we found it. Through our efforts to promote best practice and minimise our carbon footprint we will contribute to a more sustainable future.


  1. All major capital projects should have a environmental impact assessment included as one of the selection criteria; steps should be taken to minimise any negative impact and efforts should be made to actively improve the club’s environment.
  2. Environmental concerns should be incorporated as one of the determining factors in all procurement processes
  3. Wherever possible, the club will purchase from sustainable sources
  4. Efforts will be made to recycle used materials wherever possible
  5. Where it is not possible to reuse or recycle, the club will dispose of its waste in a more environmentally friendly way whenever cost is not a significant factor
  6. Members will be encouraged to adopt ‘sustainable’ practices and make efforts to reduce their carbon footprints

Environmental Practices by Club Departments


Plastic Waste - In order to reduce plastic waste, from now on, members will be asked if they require cutlery when they order take-away food. Your co-operation will be much appreciated.

Skandia/RHKYC bags  - Do you have more China Pacific/RHKYC bags than you know what to do with? We’ll take them off your hands and recycle them! Please bring your spare bags to Reception or the bars at Middle Island and Shelter Cove. Thank you.