Rowing & Paddle Sports

The Rowing and Paddle Sports Section manages three of the Club's core sports.  Are you ready to join our community?

Fine Rowing and Coastal Rowing

The oldest sport at the Club, with a very wide variety of activities offered to the rowers. Options include competitive racing in either traditional FISA governed 'fine' boats or the more modern coastal rowing boats. There are also many opportunities for social and recreational rowing, including long distance 'touring' events in the coastal boats.

The Club maintains a high standard of racing with many members coming from strong backgrounds including ex-Olympians, national team members and a number of 'OxBridge Blues'.


Dragon Boating

A traditional Chinese sport that now has a strong international presence, Dragon Boating is enormously popular in Hong Kong.  The Club competes in races throughout the territory and internationally with a very successful track record over the years.  The RHKYC Team includes entries of men's, women's and mixed crews for nearly all competitions as well as a Junior's' youth team at selected races.  Aside from being competitive on the water, the team has a strong focus on integration with the community and social events.


Outrigger Canoeing

Outrigger canoeing is the most recent addition to the Club. The unique island geography of Hong Kong has seen a quick growth in the popularity of this sport. The club has a fleet of 16 outrigger canoes and competes in local racing events that mainly encompass long distance races including the RHKYC Around the Island Race and overseas races around the region and across the globe.