image: Guy Nowell

Designed by David Thomas in the 1970s, and built by Hunter Boats in Essex, England, the Impala provides a great boat for both racing and cruising. 155 Impalas were built in total, of which over 100 are still active today, approx 15 in Hong Kong, with many of the rest in the UK, where design modifications often include an inboard engine instead of the outboard used in Hong Kong.

Impalas race actively throughout the year - during the winter season (September to May) there is a full schedule of races in the harbour on Saturday afternoons, while during the summer the Impalas move up to the RHKYC location at Port Shelter, 'Shelter Cove', and race in the Hebe Haven Typhoon Series on Sundays.

Unlike the other fleet racing boats at RHKYC, the Impala is just big enough to participate in other Hong Kong sailing events typically reserved for larger boats, and so Impalas are always represented in the gruelling but fantastic '4 Peaks' race as well as the annual race to Macau. The Impala is a 28' yacht, with a beam of 9'3" and draft of 5'4". She is typically raced with a crew of 5 or 6 and can sleep up to 4 people.



Fleet Captain - Mike Burrell
Vice Captain - Dennis Chien
Class Secretary - Patrick Kwan
Assistanct Class Secretary - Peter So
Honour Treasurer - Albert Kwan
Equipment Coordinator - Rex Tan

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All notices of race are in PDF format and it can be retrieved and printed for use. The PDF file required Acrobat Reader which can be free downloaded from ADOBE.

Standard Sailing Instructions

  • Autumn Series - coming soon
  • Tathong Series - coming soon
  • Tathong Series Race 1 SIs - coming soon
  • Tathong Series Race 2 SIs - coming soon
  • Tathong Series Race 3 SIs - coming soon
  • Tathong Series Race 4 SIs - coming soon
  • Tathong Series Race 5 SIs - coming soon
  • Pursuit Series - coming soon
  • Winter Series - coming soon
  • Chairman Series - coming soon
  • Class Champs Series - coming soon
  • Spring Series - coming soon
  • Ladies Series - coming soon





PIED PIPER 235 CY Fong / Manson Ma
SHIKARI 244 R Wu / M Sze / H Lam
GNU 262 Patrick Shum
TAURUS 700 Hung Hing TSE / Francis Ma
CAVIAR 716 Cramond Wong
ALSO CAN 785 Ambrose Lo
MOLL 1045 Philip Bowring
TAXI 1047 Kent Kan / Dennis Chien
BOSS HOGG 1066 Francis Cheung / Bob Yu
XANADU 1221 Christopher Slaughter
PADDY B 2233 Herman Wong
MADAME K 2288 V Kwan / C Tsang / TY Wong
IMPALA 1 9546 Mike Burrell / Gaston Chan