Dragon Boating

Dragon boat racing is believed to have originated in Southern China more than 2,000 years ago.  Originally linked to the traditional Tuen Ng Chinese festival and the fishermen of the region, there are now dragon boat competitions held globally.  It is also the only sport to be celebrated as a national holiday on the fifth day of the fifth moon which usually falls on a date in June.

The boats used for racing these days are long and narrow, typically with 20 paddlers seated in 10 rows of two, a steers person and drummer.  Dragon Boats are rigged with decorative Chinese dragon heads and tails, and racing accompanied by the beating of a large drum carried aboard.



The RHKYC Team

The RHKYC Team was founded in 1997 by a group of men from other competitive paddling clubs who had the vision of building a new team that was dedicated to community and social events in addition to intense training. The team quickly found a home within the Club. Although this started with just a men’s crew, the team grew quickly to include a women's squad shortly thereafter and over the years has continued to evolve adding Mixed and Men's B teams. The club has gone from strength to strength by being competitive on the water while never losing sight of the original aims of the team (and to have heaps of fun in the process)!

We are now attracting more than 70 paddlers, drummers, steers people and social organizers to the team annually.

Social and charity events

Team work is everything in Dragon Boating, and that begins on dry land!!!  In addition to the fun side after training, the RHKYC Team organizes many friendly social events during the season.  Just a few of the events that are integral to the team’s social core are BBQ’s at Middle Island, the now annual start of season Bai Sun, Karaoke night and many others culminating in the now legendary end of Dragon Boat season fund raising party. All of the fun and hard work have allowed the team to raise nearly $80,000USD for selected charities in recent years.

Come out and join us!

We would like to thank our sponsors for their support in the 2020 season: