San Fernando Race - starts 12 April 2017

A 480nm Category 1 Offshore Race from Hong Kong, China to San Fernando, Philippines.

From its inauguration in 1977, when a group of sailing enthusiasts cruised down to San Fernando and raced back, this event has had a special place in the hearts of those who have taken part, not only for challenge of the offshore race itself but because they have enjoyed the warmth and camaraderie that surrounds it. It has also through the support of the children’s home in San Fernando been more than just a race.

The Committee is very keen to encourage as many qualifying boats as possible to enter. There are plenty of preparations to make, and the committee and the race office are eager to support with these preparations, especially for those skippers who wish to enter their boats for the first time and who may be unfamiliar with the requirements. Please get in touch if you have any queries.

We are looking forward to challenging competition on the water and a few celebratory beers on the beach in San Fernando…..come and join us.


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Rule 69 Conclusion 17 May 2017 19-May-17
Provisional Results as of 2000hrs 17 May 2017 17 May
Provisional Results as of 0600hrs 16 April 16-Apr-17
Notice to Competitors No. 1 11-Apr-17
Air Juan Charter Flights out of San Fernando 6-Apr-17
Yellowbrick Tracking Quick Links 5-Apr-17
Sailing Instructions (pdf) San Fernando Race 3-Apr-17
Visiting Membership - Payment by Octopus Card 29-Mar-17
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Offical Race Programme 28-Mar-17
Food & Ice Pre-Order Form 28-Mar-17
San Fernando Information Sheet 21-Mar-17
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Youth Consent Form 21-Feb-17
Immigration & Next of Kin Form 21-Feb-17
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HKPN PIPS Form 21-Feb-17

World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 2016-2017

Excelsior Hotel Corporate Rate 16-Nov-16
Provisional Entry List With Proposed Division Splits 7-Oct-16
Online Entry Registration 27-Sept-16
Notice of Race (pdf) San Fernando Race  27-Sept-16
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