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Vicky Raymond Email

Recently moved to Hong Kong from England, normally sail druing the summer around the Solent.


  • RYA Practical Sailing Course Day Skipper
  • RYA/ISAF Offshore Safety Course
  • RYA/MCA Small Craft Basic Sea Survival Course
  • RYA Maritime Radio Operator Certificate of Competence Short Range Certificate

Had set up the Ashurst LLP sailing Club in England and organised and patiricpated in numerous sailing events. Participated in the Brittania Legal Cup three times, Lendy Cowes Week three times (each time on a Beneteau First 40), the Swan European Regatta and the Contessa 26 regatta (twice). Generally go on sailing trips and holidays (sometimes as skipper). Tend to work up on the foredeck but would be keen to assist in any position.


Julien de Jaillon Email or
9131 1901

28y French/Hong Kong – born in HK

Recently passed HKSF level’s 1 and 2. Would love to get some experience on a bigger boat and to participate in races in the future


Richard Mitchele Email

Sailing CV


Rolex China Sea Race
Charles von Möll Email or
9879 8409

37 year old expatriate from UK / Malta, grew up sailing dinghy’s (lasers, Wayfairers, squibs, dragons) as a child. Did a number of long ocean sails including Southampton to Canary Islands, Canary Islands to Antigua, and also did lots of deliveries and crewing around the Caribbean.  Very confident on a boat but has not done a lot of actual racing as such, and has not been sailing for almost 6 years.

Fit, healthy and strong and ideally would like to be on a larger boat to begin with to get used to racing again.


Gabriel von Roda Email or
6382 3747

34 year old expatriate with Hong Kong sailing federation permits 1 & 2 and some crewing experience would love to help with crewing.

Born in Hamburg, Germany, maritime blood flows through my veins.


Any day of the week
Steve Percy Email or
9855 9529

29 year old man from Melbourne, Australia. An easy-going and keen sailor. Grew up around boats and sailing dinghies (primarily Lasers), and crewing on keel-boats out of Hobsons Bay Yacht Club.  I'm currently undertaking my RYA certification in Day Skipper and I'm keen to get my feet wet again.  I can fill any position necessary (main, winch, fore deck etc.) and am happy to race or crew (and I have ample experience doing both).


Saturday afternoons, Sundays and anytime during school holidays.

Hubert Tsang Email

Just qualified for the IYT Bareboat Skipper, VHF Operator, and ICC. Looking to join a crew that sails/trains/races together regularly in HK. I'm looking to sail more so that I can figure out whether I want to buy a boat or not. Boats that I know well are the Farr 36, Platu 25, and Corsair Marine C28.


Weekends and public holidays

Nicolas Konefal


39 years old French guy, I have basic sailing experience from 20 to 30ft sailboat. I love sailing, if you need an active crew in your team let me know.


Ian Paice Email

Grew up sailing in Long Beach, California in Dinghies and Big Boats.

Dinghys: Naples Sabots, Lasers (radial and full rig – competed in multiple world championships), FJs, 420s, and Skiffs (29er, 49er, 5o5, and i14). Crewed and skippered in large events such as the Governor’s Cup and Diet Coke Cup and have an extensive background in Match Racing – participating in the US Match Racing Circuit multiple times.

Took a break and went to Boston University where I competed on the varsity sailing team racing (FJs, Lasers, and 420s) before coming back to California to work/sail.

Big boats: began on the bow as do most young kids do before moving back to trimmer/tactics on different level J-boats (J-105, 109, 120), Schock40s, Farr40s, and worked/sailed for a long time on Peligroso (custom Dencho/Kerr 70). As time has gone by I have spent time working/sailing on Pyewacket (Roy Disney’s 70’), competed in a couple Farr40 world championships, J70 worlds, crossed the pacific from Hawaii to LA on a TP52, and much more offshore racing. I also have 5 Lipton Cups under my belt – prestigious yacht club challenge in California and a plethora of Match Racing up to the Congressional Cup. Ultimately, I feel more than comfortable on any position in the boat and love being offshore. From a safety standpoint, I am aware of the dangers and take care to know where all safety items are located on the boat, I have my own PFD and harness and offshore gear, and always have a crew plan in the case of an emergency (who is responsible for what).

In 2008 I went to Qingdao and raced in the Qingdao race week in the Benateau 47s and had an incredible time and have itching to make it back to china and race again. This race has been on my radar for some time – it looks like a great ride! I am hoping to join a competitive team and help us cross the finish line in first.


Hong Kong to Vietnam Race
Jocelynn Chu

Email or +852 9286 0368

Jasper Chu

Email or +852 9280 5408

18 years old, completed Hebe Haven sailing course.


Andrew Smith Email or
+852 9134 5267

RYA Day Skipper qualified (New Zealand, 2012-13), recently crewed in the Round Barbados Yacht Race 2017, on a Stimpson 42 monohull, in the mastman position. This included an overnight passage from St Lucia to Barbados, and a 2 day passage from Barbados to Antigua. Also has significant experience in dinghy sailing, especially in the Hobie 16 category where he raced competitively in the 2012 Australian National Championships, and also in the RHKYC Etchells fleet.

Would love to crew on a big boat!


available most weekends in June and July
Aidan Slinger

Email or
+852 9227 1970

Completed the competent crew course in 2016 and have been doing some wayfarer sailing since then and planning a course in that too.  Keen to get some practice and happy to to any job on board, help set up and whatever else is needed!


Weendes / public holidays etc
Daniel Yiu Email or
+852 63838406

23 years old. A dinghy sailor (sometimes helmsman). Although I only do dinghy sailing, I believe my skills can ensure myself transferring smoothly from a dinghy sailor to a big boat sailor.

I am currently preparing myself to pass the 2nd class boat licence which can familiar myself with the marine regulations and the machinery onboard the sailing boat.


John Orams Email

50 year old expatriate teacher and an experienced sailor who grew up sailing dingies and hobbie cats. I also sailed a 30 foot monohull with my father for many years. Recently, attained an IYA Bareboat Skippers license and am enrolled to complete the Yachtmaster Coastal license this August. Crewed a few times on yachts in Hong Kong but would love to do more.


Chris Downing

Email or
+852 5507 9629

Grew up sailing dinghies, and for the past several years have been cruising on a Hunter 35 in the San Francisco Bay, which I own in partnership with a couple of friends.  Love to get out for some cruising or racing on weekends here in Hong Kong, if anyone is looking for an experienced hand on a boat.

49 years old, very fit, easygoing, and love a good day of sailing!