Around The Island Race 2016

27 November 2016

The Commodore and Officers of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC) are pleased to announce the Club’s annually organised yachting celebration – and breath-taking public spectacle – of racing in a clockwise circumnavigation of Hong Kong Island, starting in the heart of Victoria Harbour.

Notice of Race

Entry Form 
(Under no circumstances will entries be accepted after 1800hrs on Monday 21 November, which is the late entry deadline.)

Entry Dates: Entry Fee (HK$)
Standard entries: By 1800hrs on Wednesday 16 November 2016 $500
Late entries: By 1800hrs on Monday 21 November 2016 $1,500


PIPS Form (for HKPN Monohull & Multihull Cruiser / RHKYC Big Boats Class)

Endorsement Form (for Dinghy and Small Multihull entrants)

Youth Consent Form (Under 18)


Race Records












Entry List

Name of Boat Class of Boat Sail No. Name of Skipper/ Person in Charge Additional
HKSSA 420 48163 Michelle Kwan Lady Godiva Prize 
HKG1951 29er HKG 1951 Abbey Hammond Lady Godiva Prize; Hayes-Morgan Trophy
Senderholics 29er HKG 2521 Jon crawford  
Wayne 29er HKG 2245 Calum Gregor Hayes-Morgan Trophy
Adagio Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 1203 Sammy Fu  
Aegean Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2091 Susan Oliver / James Oliver Lady Godiva Prize 
Baby Beluga Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN 6705 Keung Patrick Yam  
Banter Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2172 Rob Sallons  
Black Dolphin Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN None Craig Blurton  
Bleu Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2124 Alan Cheung  
Chill Hea Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 690 Julian Kwan  
Clove Hitch Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2211 Alex Yu Bavaria Trophy
Crystal Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2118 Leung Hing Lun  
Darling Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2107 Dean Chisholm  
Dolphin Six Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 1166 Francis Ma  
Fuzzy Duck Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN 1493 Eddie Chan/ Johnnie Cheng  
G A Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 1135 Arthur Ho  
Gecko Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 3775 Kwok Chi Keung  
Generations Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2370 Eddy Lee  
Gimme Shelter Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2219 Paul Blanc  
Golden Delight Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 539 Fred Lung  
Guerreiro Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN 7785 Li Ming  
HEA Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN C 1878 Colin Cheong  
Ichiban Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN 6135 Simon Jones / Robert Cook  
Kiasu Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2136 Herman Wong / Nick Ng  
Lazy Bones Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 292 Saki Chatzichristidis /Paul Chung  
Lisa Elaine Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2214 Carl Wilkinson Bavaria Trophy
Ma Cherie 2 Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2050 TING Kam Kong Danny  
No One Else Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 1698 W H NG  
Orca Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2209 William Chan  
Palaemon II Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2240 Guy Malpas  
Pepper & Salt Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2092 Eric Choi Bavaria Trophy
Scintilla Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2083 Tim Ridley  
Scrumpy Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 662 Lai Ka Fai  
Shun Shui Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 278 Felix Mak Bavaria Trophy
Simplicity Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 1268 Sunny Chai Bavaria Trophy
Sleeepy Pigggy Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN 6295 Martin Wong  
Surfdude Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 1345 Steve Ho  
Thea Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2066 Stephen Vine  
Tornado Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2002 Paul Lam / Raymond  
VEGA Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2335 Ben Li / Jackie Siu  
Wind Rider Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN 7635 CHUNG Siu Hung / NG Wai Yin Lady Godiva Prize 
Windseeker Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN 1198 Bridget Chan Lady Godiva Prize 
Wonderwall Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 1401 David Harari / Richard Allen HKSOA Trophy
Yilong Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG11375 Chris Lau Bavaria Trophy
Zig Zag Big Boat (Monohull) HKPN HKG 2196 FUNG Kwok Wah  
Ambush Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2388 Isler / Taylor  
Andiamo Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2119 Cynthia Wong Lady Godiva Prize 
Avant Garde Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2047 Seah Chin Yew  
Calamansi Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 1347 Rob Berkley Lady Godiva Prize 
Dexter II Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 1832 Janet Lau / Simon Wong Lady Godiva Prize 
Ding Dong Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2293 Thomas Wong  
Emocean2 Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2131 Christopher Allan  
Gambit Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 1612 K C Mowser  
Getafix Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 7135 Gordon Liu  
Goddess Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2186 Maiyo Hood  
Intrigue Plus Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 300 Simon Soo  
Jelik Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 600 Pong Fai Frank  
Lady Butterfly Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2234 JC Broyelle  
Lion Rock Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2361 Charles Duigan  
Mojito Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 1281 Andy Leung  
Outrageous Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 818 Colin Johnson HKSOA Trophy
Rampage Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 1822 Noel Chan / Kelvin Au Yeung  
Red Kite 2 Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2093 Philippe Delorme  
Redeye Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 280 David Mitchell / Paul Leese  
Seawolf Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2183 William Liu  
Sell Side Dream Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2298 Simon Powell  
Shearwater V Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 21 Martin Cresswell HKSOA Trophy
Straight Up Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2282 Mark Whitehead  
Tipsy Easy Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2250 Leon Chan  
Whiskey Jack Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2102 Nick Southward  
Ymir Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2207 Kjartan Furset  
Zannekin Big Boat (Monohull) IRC HKG 2292 Marcel Liedts HKSOA Trophy
--- Dart 18 Beach Cat 7620 Joseph Shieh  
Not Dart 18 Beach Cat 7618 Lai Ka Yau  
Arrow Dragon HKG 26 Catherine Smith Lady Godiva Prize; HKSOA Trophy
Donna Dragon HKG 54 LU Chung Chun  
Dragonfly Dragon HKG 57 Bram van Olphen  
Eavx Vives Dragon HKG 12 Joseph Chu  
Kam Loong Dragon HKG 8 Simon Chan  
Maiden Hong Kong Dragon HKG 40 Frederic Roumier  
Wudi Dragon HKG 47 Frederic Azemard  
Wyuna Dragon HKG 25 Andreas Brechbuhl  
Zephyr Dragon HKG 55 Tam Nguyen  
Data Etchells HKG 606 Tony Chan / Raymond  
Fuzzy Duck Etchells HKG 1180 Christoph Michalski  
Blood Red F18 Beach Cat 317 Michael Skea  
No Name F18 Beach Cat 1487 Steve Devlin  
FiFine Flying Fifteen HKG 3011 Anita NG Lady Godiva Prize 
Helen Flying Fifteen GBR 3860 Paris Lam / Jenny Wong  
Puff'n Stuff Flying Fifteen HKG 3701 David Chow / Michael Wong  
TBD Flying Fifteen HKG 3600 Joe Nelson  
Tchaikoffsky Flying Fifteen HKG 3981 H. Williams  
113788 Hobie 16 Beach Cat 113788 YAN Chi Hung  
123456 Hobie 16 Beach Cat 123456 Cho Siu Pui  
Bluefin Hobie 16 Beach Cat TBA Tong Shing  
Curry Dog Hobie 16 Beach Cat 112367 Brian Tsang  
Floki Hobie 16 Beach Cat 112361 Juan Mas  
Hobie 16 Hobie 16 Beach Cat 105062 Andrei Schwaer  
Hobie 16 Hobie 16 Beach Cat 111651 Chris Shu  
Hobie 16 Hobie 16 Beach Cat 111735 Yuji Matsumoto  
Hobie 16 Hobie 16 Beach Cat 112324 Karl Chan  
Hobie 16 Hobie 16 Beach Cat 114311 Ronald Tam  
Hobie 16 Hobie 16 Beach Cat 114463 Andy Ngai  
Hobie Cat 16 Hobie 16 Beach Cat 109636 Gilles Francony  
Luffy Hobie 16 Beach Cat 112179 Chan Yiu Keung, Benny  
N/A Hobie 16 Beach Cat 108582 Gary Yuen  
Rubbish Bug Hobie 16 Beach Cat 114182 Gavin Sum  
Also Can Impala HKG 785 Ambrose Lo  
Boss Hogg Impala HKG 1066 Bob Yu/Francis Cheung  
Caviar Impala HKG 716 Cramond Wong  
Impala 1 Impala HKG 9546 Mike Burrell  
Madame Kay Impala HKG 2288 TY Wong  
Moll Impala HKG 1045 Philip Bowring  
Pied Piper Impala HKG 235 CY Fong / Manson Ma  
Shikari Impala HKG 244 Howard Laml Lam / Raymond  
Taxi Impala HKG 1047 Dennis Chien  
Sky International International Moth HKG 4334 Rob Partridge  
FG3 J/80 HKG 2265 Elaine Morgan  
Invictus J/80 HKG2236 Angus Fong  
Jailbreaker J/80 HKG 1530 Michael Tsui Lady Godiva Prize 
JeNa PaBe J/80 HKG 2253 Belinda Ng Lady Godiva Prize 
Jive J/80 HKG 221 KAM, Wai Hung  
Levity J/80 HKG 2267 Claude Wong  
LiLa J/80 HKG 2239 Ray Chan  
Mozzie J/80 HKG 2259 Hugues de Saint Germain  
Penrewon Large Multihull HKPN 1397 Cheuk Wai Ki  
Acheron Laser Radial 187086 Joshua Lam Hayes-Morgan Trophy
Castris Laser Radial 187089 Thorwen uiterwaal Hayes-Morgan Trophy 
Cat4 Nacra F16 43 Cindy Chung Lady Godiva Prize 
Viper Nacra F16 HKG 344 Tom Nunan  
Hakuna Matata Pandora HKG 150 Kelvin Wong  
Panache Pandora HKG 167 Albert Yung  
Panopae Pandora HKG 159 Joseph Wong  
Pasisana Pandora HKG 158 Gary Lau  
Solstice Pandora HKG 668 Chair Kui-wang  
Bazinga RS500 HKG 516 Cedric Wong Hayes-Morgan Trophy
Austerity Ruffian HKG 503 Felix Ng  
Buster Ruffian HKG 517 Nick Bryan  
Helios Ruffian HKG 501 Anthony Tong  
Miss Piggy Ruffian HKG 530 Peter Leung  
Scallywag Ruffian HKG 1059 Oliver Cully  
Schanulleke Ruffian HKG 250 Erwin Van den Berge HKSOA Trophy
Skellum Ruffian HKG 527 Kat Chan Lady Godiva Prize 
Victory 9 Ruffian HKG 515 Li Fook Hing  
Black Magic Sportsboat HKG 104 Leo Dai  
Carter USM Sportsboat HKG 062 Darren Catterall  
Catch 22 Sportsboat HKG 2022 Fion Leung Lady Godiva Prize 
Fly By Wire Sportsboat HKG 028 Hannah Lee  
Gnarwhal Sportsboat HKG 072 Eliot Cargile  
Havoc Sportsboat HKG 2243 Cem Yurdum / Michael Stone  
Hot Wired Sportsboat HKG 060 Gerardus Sonnemans  
Ironman Sportsboat HKG 027 Jason Mok  
It’s My Pleasure Sportsboat HKG 069 John Graham  
Merlin Sportsboat HKG 064 Stephen Bourne  
Phoenix Sportsboat HKG 009 Sam Levine  
R2B2 Sportsboat HKG 026 Dion Houghton  
San Long Sportsboat HKG 2217 Johan Leven  
Sidewinder Sportsboat HKG 2068 Grish Stromov