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Congratulations to everyone who raced or volunteered last weekend in the ATIR outrigger race! If inspired, you can do it again! This time on a paddle adapter or erg, and/or get your colleagues at work involved, since they’ve probably heard about your great weekend stories on the water!

This year marks the first year ever of a race both on and off the water (or for any sport’s main, iconic race), where people can compete from anywhere in the world - in this case, around our island, Hong Kong.

The ATIR Global Erg Challenge links with the ATIR Coastal Rowing race on December 2nd, which you can also do with World Record Holder, Erden Eruc, who will be doing the race solo, for the Ocean.

This amazing new combined event brings together onshore and offshore rowing (and adaptive paddling), and is organized by Ocean Recovery Alliance, an NGO focused on ocean protection. The race is in collaboration with the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and their famous Around the Island Race (ATIR), and KinoMap with the video and mapping software.

From almost anywhere in the world, you can now take part in this onshore global event (as long as you have a machine that syncs with KinoMap), allowing you to experience the 45km of beautiful shoreline, amazing skylines and incredible waters of Hong Kong. This is an event to promote ocean protection as well, and prizes will be given for teams that raise the most pledges/donations. Each team can make their own funding page easily through this site.

Due to time zones, you will have from Nov 17-28th in order to complete their race (all in one go, solo, or with their relay team), which usually takes about 3.5 hrs.

This will be completed using the KinoMap app, and on Race Day, Dec 2nd, every team’s avatar will be placed on the map to then “race them” around the island in their respective categories, so that you can see how you finish vs. others.

Categories include:
1) Men’s, Women’s, Mixed
2) High School, University, Corporate, Open
3) Solo, 2s, 4s, 8s or with paddle adapter – solo, 2man, 6man (outrigger), 10man (dragon boat), or C2s.

The incredible part of this technology is that when they race on the machine, they can see a full video of HK Island, synchronized to their speed, as they compete.

Please check out for more information and registration !

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