Ladies Helm Day

Image: Guy Nowell


Mark your calendars!  The Big Boats IRC, Dragons, Etchells, Flying Fifteens, Impalas, J/80s, Ruffians, Pandoras and Sportsboats will be holding their annual Ladies Helm Races in the harbour on the same day.  Please join us for a great day of competitive racing!
Contact your fleet Class Secretary if you are interested in sailing and/or need help putting a boat together. 
And gentlemen, please encourage the ladies in your life to join!





Entry List

Name  Sail No. Class Skipper
Phoenix 9 ATI Kit Tong
Baring Asia 1 1266 ATI Juliet Ashton
Calamansi 1347 ATI Deborah Fu
Vixen 1378 ATI Josephine Cheng
Rampage 1822 ATI Vivian Choi
Arrow 26 Dragon Catherine Smith
Phyloong 38 Dragon Mona Lai
Davinloong 46 Dragon Janet Lau
Phyloong II 50 Dragon Rita Yau
Mei Fei 51 Dragon Inge Strompf-Jepsen
Zephyr 55 Dragon Margaux Nguyen
Dragonfly 59 Dragon Cindy Chung
2nd Coming 555 Etchells Andrea Fraser / Elizabeth Wai
Data 606 Etchells Anita Lam
Meihem 696 Etchells Ida Cheung
Impazienza 760 Etchells Judith Roberts
Rough Justice 787 Etchells Stef Phillips
Marianne 788 Etchells Portia Chan
Fuzzy Duck 1180 Etchells Sandrine Bourrier
Zulu 1190 Etchells Marina Fairfax
Diva Deux 1193 Etchells Katie Lyons 
Reprobate 1235 Etchells Bo Lee
Gunga Din 1243 Etchells Elise Kelly
Fawkes 1344 Etchells Doris Hung
Are we there yet? 1358 Etchells Emily Randall
Noddy 1393 Etchells Sorcha Whyte
Racer X2 1406 Etchells Scotia Ryer
Fantastic Five 3700 Flying 15 Florence Kan
Noisy Forefather 3722 Flying 15 Rosemary Merz
Squiffy 3830 Flying 15 Lesley Anderson
Niffty 3876 Flying 15 Edith Fernandez
Flying Fort 3978 Flying 15 Maria Suen
Kerfuffle 3979 Flying 15 Lucy Sutro
Tchaikoffsky 3981 Flying 15 Demelsa Williams
Tomffoolery 3997 Flying 15 Lana Davies
Uffa Fox Ache 4015 Flying 15 Liz Duffy
Full Power 4038 Flying 15 Violette Fung
Pied Piper 235 Impala Clarice / Vicky
Taurus 700 Impala May Chan
Caviar 716 Impala Janet Poon
Rainbow Chaser 731 Impala Myra  / Teresa
Moll 1045 Impala Chloe Sisson
Taxi 1047 Impala Yan Pui HA
Xanadu 1221 Impala Carol Moy
Hakuna Matata 150 Pandora Rimmy Cheng
Pasisana 158 Pandora Yan Law
Panopae 159 Pandora Connie lee
Panache 167 Pandora Angela
Windfall 516 Pandora Wendy-Wing Tsang
Bandolero 207 Ruffian Johanna Fung
Helios 501 Ruffian Irene Woo
Larrikin 502 Ruffian Cathy Lam
Skellum 527 Ruffian Kat Chan
Miss Piggy 530 Ruffian Hilda Loong
Scallywag 1059 Ruffian Christina Cully