Tesla Charging Stations

As part of a new partnership arrangement that will see Tesla installed as supporting partner for the season ending Spring Regatta for the 2021 and 2022 seasons, the club is happy to announce that multiple Tesla EV fast charging stations are now in place and will be operational at both Kellet Island and Shelter Cover clubhouses from Monday 23 November. (Tesla destination chargers provide charging speed up to 32A (three phase).


  • There will be no charge for using the stations however they are only available on a first come first served basis for cars with a valid RHKYC parking label.
  • Members must register their details with the staff at the security gate upon arrival and leave a car key with the gate staff.  
  • The maximum charging time is limited to three hours on weekdays and to two hours on weekends and public holidays.  
  • Members will be responsible for moving their car at the end of the charging period, and if the car is not moved within the time period, a penalty charge will be applied.  If, however, all charging stations are occupied and there is a car waiting to use the charging service, and if there is an authorised member of staff on duty, then that staff member will move a car that has overstayed their allotted time, in order to allow another member to charge their vehicle.  
  • The Club reserves the right to suspend the use of the charging stations on peak days at the Club and on those occasions the spaces allocated for charging will be available for use by any car.  
  • The General Committee will review the usage statistics at the end of a three month period to establish a permanent arrangement based on the usage.