Squash Court Rules

Squash Court can be booked by Free of Charge.

These rules governing the use of the squash courts are based on the Squash Bye-Laws approved by the General Committee. The complete Bye-Laws are available at Reception.

Conduct and Use

  1. Players must wear soft-soled, non-marking shoes and use non-marking balls. Graphite head racquets must be taped to avoid marking the walls and floor.
  2. No food or drink may be taken into the squash courts.
  3. Smoking is prohibited in the courts and spectators’ gallery.


Bookings can be made up to 14 days in advance either in person or by telephoning Reception between 0800hrs and 2200hrs, or after 2200hrs to the Main Bar. On-line booking is now available.

No member may book a court for more than one period of 60 minutes per day without the permission of the General Manager or the Squash Convenor.

Squash Group Members can hire a court at no cost. (limited to one booking per day.) Otherwise the cost is $60 per 60-minute session.

When booking, members must state whether their opponent is a member or a guest (and in the case of a member, must provide their name and whether they are also a Squash Group member).

Cancellation charge at $60 per 60-minute session is applied if no other member takes up the vacant court.

If a squash court is not occupied within 10 minutes of the commencement of the period for which it has been booked, the court may be used by any members waiting to play. The original booking will be deemed to be cancelled.

Bookings for squash courts may be cancelled with no fee charged if the cancellation is made before the day for which the court has been booked. Cancellation of a court on the day of use will result in no fee being charged only if another member takes up the vacant court.

Every Saturday from 1000hrs to 1200hrs is designed as a ‘members only’ period.


  1. Children under 12 years of age may not use the squash courts or be in the spectators’ gallery unless accompanied by an adult. Children under 12 years old may not use the courts during the ‘members only’ periods unless authorised by the Squash Convenor.


  1. Squash racquets are available for use (after signing for a refundable deposit of $500 per racquet) and are to be returned to Reception no later than 2200hrs on the same day. Squash balls are available for purchase.
  2. All levels of squash players are welcome to join the RHKYC Squash Group.

For enquiries please contact our Squash Convenor: Francis Longuepee, francis.hkg@ctlhk.com.hk, Tel:9195 3510