Outrigger Canoe Introduction Courses

Course Description

Outrigger Canoeing is quickly growing in popularity around the world and is perfectly suited to the warm and scenic waters of the Hong Kong coastline.

Due to high demand the Rowing & Paddle Sports section is putting on an introduction course for outrigger. Our 3-hour introduction course includes both theory and practical session and together with a swim test. You will learn the basic paddling technique, launching and landing, and relevant water safety practices.

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club has an active and competitve paddling team, who race frequently in Hong Kong , and througout the Asia Pacific region.  This year they plan to race in Hawaii, Palau and Singapore as well as local races.  Come learn the basics and find out more about joining the next step, our Development squad!

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For enquiries, please email to: rps.booking@rhkyc.org.hk