Covid-19 Patient did NOT Enter Clubhouse at KI

Dear Members,

Following my earlier email I would just like to provide you with a further update.  

We have been able to identify the member whose guest has now been diagnosed as having the Covid-19 virus and I have personally spoken to him to confirm all the details of the group’s movements last Sunday.  These have then been verified using the Club’s CCTV footage.

I can confirm that no member of the group entered any part of the Kellett Island Clubhouse at any time.

The group arrived in three batches at around 1300hrs.  The member and the patient (who can be seen on CCTV wearing a mask), arrived by private car (at 1316hrs), two more guests arrived by taxi and five guests arrived on foot.  Temperatures were checked upon arrival and no high temperature was detected.  The entire party went directly to the pontoon without stopping anywhere on the way and were transferred by a Typhoon Shelter Sampan to a powerboat. 

Their vessel then departed the Typhoon Shelter at approximately 1330 hours and the vessel returns to the Typhoon Shelter at 1804hrs.  The CCTV again shows that a group of 8 people (one guest had earlier been dropped off in Peng Chau) being transferred a few minutes later from their boat to the Club’s pontoon by Typhoon Shelter Sampan.  The group again had their temperature checked and again no high temperature was detected.  The patient (still wearing a mask) left the Club’s premises by private car with the member and one other guest.  The remaining five guests left on foot through the Club’s main entrance.  At no time did anyone from the group enter any part of the Kellett Island Clubhouse or interact with other members, guests or staff.

The Club has arranged to thoroughly clean and disinfect the Typhoon Shelter Sampan that was in use that day and we will not make use of the sampan for at least the next 14 days.  

The member has confirmed that he and his group are already in self quarantine for the next 14 days.

The Club is making every effort possible to maintain it’s facilities in a safe and hygienic manner to allow members the confidence to continue to be able to make use of them and engage in healthy activities and sports.  Everyone, members and staff alike, share a duty of care to the entire Hong Kong Community to observe good personal hygiene and to self-quarantine and seek medical advice if they are feeling unwell or have travelled to infected countries in the past 14 days.  To assist with personal hygiene the Club has provided alcohol disinfection stations around each Clubhouse and we would urge all members and guests to make use of these upon arrival at the Club.

Yours sincerely.


Mark Bovaird 
General Manager