New Foundation Mascot



Our very own RHKYC Charity Foundation was established in 2012 to formally bring together the Club’s various charitable efforts which it has undertaken throughout its long history thanks to the efforts of its members and staff.   The Foundation has helped countless underprivileged children, youth and old needy mariners and has supported many environmental causes; particularly those that affect the ocean and has provided financial and intangible support to at least 16 charitable organisations and engaged over 100 RHKYC members and staff volunteers to provide hands-on support to various charitable activities. 

Support is offered through various initiatives, be it through fundraising for donations to causes or delivering positive experiences to those less fortunate - either on or off the water.  

Now, you are invited to help by purchasing our new Mascot!  

Could you also be the one to help give our Mascot some colour?!

Meet Our New Mascot

To represent the Foundation and help raise funds, the Club designed a unique sea turtle mascot plush toy with a reusable bag tucked inside its tummy.  Sea turtles have shared the same Hong Kong waters with our members since the founding of the Club over 170 years ago. 

As the sea turtles are endangered in Hong Kong, our new mascot also allows to Club to raise awareness of rising pollution and the importance of marine conservation. The Foundation worked closely with the designers to ensure all the materials used in the mascots are made of recycled material. Our mascots will be sold at various locations on Club premises and are a perfect gift for friends and family!

Become part of this unique legacy!

To ensure that the mascot is truly unique and represents our members, we are calling on all of you – young and old - to help give this mascot and it’s handy bag some colour.   Simply colour in the pieces in the provided template and the winning entry will have their design put onto the turtle with the shell design put onto the reusable bag too!

The winner will not only become part of the Club’s legacy by having our mascot carry their design, but also stands to win the following prizes:

1) A choice between 90-minute coaching session for Standup Paddle Boarding OR the free use of the bowling lane for him/her and three friends and a meal coupon!;
2) A featured interview with the Commodore on the monthly club video.

The brief is to design our turtle within using the template provided before the end of February and include the RHKYC Charity Foundation name or logo.  Leave your design in Reception and don't forget to add your name, account number and contact details.

To get more inspiration, we invite everybody to check out the turtle on display at the reception. The top three designs chosen by the Foundation will then be presented to the membership to vote on!


DOWNLOAD THE COLOURING PAGES HERE  make sure you print to A4

To get a really good idea of what the mascot looks like have a look at the following three 3D images (they may take a moment to load) .


first view


second view


third view