Covid-19 Precautionary Measures and Notices

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Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s three Clubhouses are ‘Type C’ premises.  All members and guests (except those aged 15 or below with an accompanying adult, and those aged 65 or above), must use the ‘LeaveHomeSafe’ mobile application to gain access to Kellett Island, Middle Island and Shelter Cove for whatever reason. 


For those that are eligible to complete a form to gain entry to the Club, in order to save time we strongly encourage you to complete the form in advance online.  The email acknowledgement can then be shown to our staff.   Alternatively you may complete a form at the entrance.

Masks must be worn at all times except when eating and drinking.  When walking around the Club OTHER than in F&B outlets, group sizes must be no larger than 4.

As Type C, our F&B premises may accommodate groups/tables of up to six.

Guests - each member account may bring up to 5 guests to the Club (unless organising a private event in a fuction room through the Banquet Department).




Emails to Members

18 July Good News - Re-Opening of Kids Pool
13 July Very Important Announcement (Club to be designated Type C from 19 July)
2 June Covid-19 Update - Moving Forwards
21 April Update on Covid-19 Restrictions
31 March Swimming Pool and Children's Play Facilities to re-open from 1 April
12 March Latest Precautionary Measures - Covid-19 (update: Middle Island Open Postponed)
17 Feb More Good News!  Includes updated information on sports facilities and F&B operating hours effective 18 February
8 Feb Updated CNY Operating Hours (this information supersedes that which appears in the February issue of Ahoy!
3 Feb Good News.  The Government has today announced that effective from Thursday 4 February we can resume our outdoor sporting activities, specifically sailing, rowing and paddling, among others, subject to certain requirements being adhered to.
27 Jan Extension of Current Covid-19 Directives
21 Jan Update on Current Covid-19 Directives
22 Dec Social Distancing Measures
9 Dec Urgent - Temporary Closure of Sporting Facilities at all Clubhouses
2 Dec Important - New Covid-19 Restrictions
15 Nov New Covid-19 Restrictions
28 Oct A Further Easing of Covid-19 Restrictions at Long Last!
17 Sept Even More Good News!  Easing of Covid-19 Restrictions
11 Sept Urgent - Autumn Regatta - Social Distancing Requirements

9 Sept

More Good News!  Easing of Covid-19 Restrictions

2 Sept

Good News at Last!  Easing of Covid-19 Restrictions

26 Aug

Covid-19 Notice.  From Friday | Dine-in ban from 2100hrs | No sports/recreation.

17 Aug

Extended Again - Current Covid-19 Directives

10 Aug

Current Covid-19 Directives Extended

4 Aug

Current Covid-19 Directives Extended

30 Jul

Urgent - New Government Covid-19 Directives 

27 Jul

Urgent - New Government Covid-19 Directives

22 Jul

Sharing Important Covid-19 Information

16 Jul

Updated - Sampan and Club Operating Hours

14 Jul

Urgent - New Government Covid-19 Directives affecting sports, recreation and F&B

10 Jul

Urgent – New Government Covid-19 Directive – 10 July 2020 

6 May

More Great News!  Some Relaxation of Social Distancing Measures

2 May

Great News!  Monday 4 May - Phased resumption of sporting and recreational facilities commences


Update - From 6 May - Phased Resumption of Sporting Facilities


Update – 14 Day Extension of Social Distancing Measures – 21 April 2020


Covid-19 – Update on Guest Rules Effective from Saturday 18 April


Update - Clubhouse Operating Hours - 9 April 2020


Urgent – Continued Closure of Sporting and Recreational Facilities at all Clubhouses - 7 April 2020


Urgent - Main Bar to Close for 14 Days from 1800hrs on 3 April


Urgent - Clubhouses Remain Open - 1 April 2020


Urgent – New Government Covid-19 Directive – Potential Impact on Clubhouses - 1 April 2020


Urgent – New Government Covid-19 Directive – Requirement to Wear a Mask – Reduced table sizes - 27 March 2020


Urgent – Temporary Closure of Sporting Facilities at all Clubhouses - 24 March 2020


Urgent Update on Covid-19 Precautions and Latest Government Advice


URGENT - Latest Club Access Restriction relating to Covid-19


Update re Covi19 Inbound Travel Restrictions


Covid-19 Patient did NOT Enter Clubbouse.  Confirmed.


Amendment of Bye Laws (4.23 Promotion of Good Hygiene)


See cleaning and sanitizing schedule for the Play Room and Youth Club Room as well as the Gym.


Latest update here.


Please click here to view a copy of the letter from the General Manager.