Sail Racing and Tsunami Announcements


Sail Racing Announcement

Fabulous news!  We have renewed our very successful partnership with Sail Racing!

Sail Racing has been appointed as the Club’s Exclusive Day-to-Day Smart Casual and Sporting Wear and Technical Sailing Wear Supplier. This continued relationship will see all RHKYC branded clothing under these two categories exclusively produced by Sail Racing and sold in our Ship Shop and online!

Sail Racing has solidified itself as a frontrunner in the world of sailing and continues to develop highly technical and long-lasting performance garments for future generations that are innovative and environmentally sustainable. We look forward to our continued future together and working with a brand that is not only in line with our very own sustainability efforts, but also produces quality, durable apparel.



Tsunami Announcement

And more great news: Tsunami Sport Limited have been appointed as the Club’s Exclusive Specialist Crew Kit supplier!

Tsunami Sport are a local Hong Kong brand and are leaders in their approach to sustainable textile manufacturing. Amongst their innovations include their Eco-Fit™ Fabrics and use of Aquasolit water-soluble eco packaging to name a couple. This exciting new relationship will see RHKYC branded crew kit exclusively produced by Tsunami, where members will be able to purchase team branded kit bearing the Club logo.

The Tsunami brand is well recognised not only in Hong Kong but also globally for their innovative manufacturing processes and for their highly creative design team who are accessible by Club members for their team orders. We look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with our new partners. Crew kit is available for custom order and purchase now through our very own Ship Shop.

The team in the Ship Shop are ready and waiting to help you design/create your very own masterpiece that will be your next crew kit!  Please visit them soon 😊