A New Hanse 303 for Sailability Hong Kong!

Our very own RHKYC Charity Foundation is absolutely thrilled to announce that it has purchased and donated a brand new Hansa 303 to Sailability Hong Kong!  The brand new boat was named XiWang II at a launch ceremony on 16 March.  After the ceremony, Para Sailor PUK Chi Yeung (currently ranked top five in the world in the Hansa 303 class) took the bright yellow boat out for a sail.

香港遊艇會慈善基金會欣然宣布 ,把一艘名為Xiwang II的Hansa303 型號帆船送贈航能香港,並於今年3月16 日進行捐贈及啟航儀式。這艘全新的帆船今早由傷健帆船運動員畢熾掦(現為全球Hansa 303 帆船型號級別排名第五)進行首航。