Amendment of Bye Laws (4.23 Promotion of Good Hygiene)

General Committee approved the following new Bye-Law which comes into force as of 21 February 2020:

4.23 Promotion of Good Hygiene

The General Committee may from time to time issue policies and rules to protect the health of members, staff and guests.

Such policies and rules will be notified to members within such appropriate timeframe as the General Committee thinks fit.  In particular the General Committee may direct that temperature checks be conducted by the Club’s Staff or its security guards of all those seeking to enter the Club’s premises.  In that event the security guards will be instructed to refuse entry to any Members, Staff or Guests whose temperature is abnormal or who fail to cooperate when a request is made to check their temperature.  Instances of non co-operation will be referred to the General Committee and if necessary disciplinary action may be taken.




4.23 提倡良好的公共衛生




*Note: Should there be any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.