New Recycled Club Shopping Bag

We are pleased to announce that starting from 1 September, we will have new Club branded recycled shopping bags in all the F&B outlets, Bistro Deli, Reception and Ship Shop.  These new recycled shopping bags are produced in conjunction with our long term and valued sponsor, Simpson Marine.

The material used in the new shopping bags is post-consumer recycled polyester material which can be re-used and recycled again for making other fabrics and materials when no longer needed.  It is more durable and environmentally friendly but as a result of these processes also costs more to produce.  However, changing to these new bags further improves the Club’s sustainability efforts.  To encourage members to make repeated use of the bags it comes in a smaller package that is more convenient to carry with you at all times. Please be reminded to bring your own or our new Club shopping bag for your future shopping or takeaway purchases.

We hope that these measures will help further increase the repeated use of recyclable products to enhance our contribution to the protection of the environment. Thank you for your support to the Club by embracing the environmentally sustainable culture in our daily life.