New Playroom

The youngest members of the Club are going to absolutely adore this magical new space created just for them on the first floor of the new East Wing Extension.  The new children's playroom is for children up to the age of 7 and provides a floor area of 100 m2 and has a 20 m2 balcony attached with decking for outdoor activities on this level.   A large part of the room is designed as open floor space covered by vinyl sponge type flooring to allow for a variety of activities.

Fixed to one wall are creativity, sensory and learning panels.  Book and box shelves provide storage space for all kinds of toys and games and these items will be rotated on a regular basis.

Free standing items such as tables and chairs, senso-igloo, small climbing frames, games tables, kitchen units are dispersed around the room and can be moved around at anytime.

An audio visual system has also been installed so the children can enjoy movies in here also.

Whilst the venue will not be available for private parties, the Club will arrange for various activities including arts and crafts classes, book readings, movie showings and more!   Parents will run a parent and toddler playgroup.

The opening hours of Playroom will be changed as the following effective immediately:

Daily                       0800hrs to 2100hrs

Key House Rules for the Playroom

Children must be accompanied by an adult member aged 18 or over at all times
Everyone to remove shoes
No F&B permitted
No smoking
Nappy changing facilities are available nearby (not to be done in the playroom)