Marine Memos

Dear Members,

The typhoon shelter construction works has resulted in increased vessel activity close to the pontoons at KI.

Regrettably we are experiencing more motor boats and work boats, ignoring the speed limit, passing close to the club pontoons and causing wake which results in members boats rolling and sometimes moving about quite violently, alongside the pontoon.  This is especially true late at night when motor boats seem to have dropped off their passengers, at Jardine steps, and are in a rush to get out of the typhoon shelter.  A group of our boat crew remonstrated quite loudly at one boat last week they estimated was travelling at near to10 knots.

We have asked the Marine Department to conduct more speed controls in the typhoon shelter.

Meanwhile we would ask members to be careful when mooring alongside and to ensure that they have adequate fenders rigged; bow, stern and spring lines fitted; and that masts are not alongside each other so they touch when the boats are rolling. Spring lines are important so that boats do not range ahead or astern and touch the bow or stern of other moored boats.

Thank you for your support.

The Marine Office



Dear Members,

We have had a reported theft of a shackle and an instrument cover from a yacht alongside at the Shelter Cove marina. The owner has reported that this is not the first time he has lost instrument covers.

Opportunistic petty thefts can happen quickly and the marine office would like to advise members to keep their boat locked and secure all loose equipment below when there is no one on board. 

If members have any doubt about the identity of someone walking in the Marina they should advise the Marine Staff immediately.

Thank you

The Marine Office.