Kellett Island Guest Parking


  • Limited guest parking is only available when the Clubhouse is open or at any other times that the General Committee authorise, that may be delegated to the General Manager.
  • The Host Member must be at the Club whilst his/her guest’s vehicle is parked at the Club.
  • The Host Member is required to advise the Reception at Kellett Island in advance of the arrival of guests’ vehicles.
  • The Security Guard on duty at the entrance gate has sole discretion to refuse entry to a guest’s vehicle that has not been registered, or if the car park is already full.
  • There is a fee for guest parking (same price for vehicles and motorbikes):

Weekdays (Mondays to Fridays, except Public Holidays)

$10 per hour

Weekends and Public Holidays

$20 per hour


  • All guests should use an Octopus Card or Credit Card to enter the car park and settle payment when exiting. 


General Committee

1 June 2021