Introductory Scheme Card

The Club offers an introductory membership scheme for prospective members who are interested in the Club’s programmes and facilities but are uncertain about joining the Club.

The scheme provides prospective applicants for membership a one-time opportunity to experience for a limited time the benefits of membership without incurring entrance fees.  The scheme is also designed to enhance prospective applicants’ ability to meet the ordinary membership admission criteria.  

The scheme provides for a streamlined application process, requiring only one qualified sponsor.  The key requirement is that candidates demonstrate a genuine and strong interest in pursuing the Club’s core sports activities. All applications will be considered by Membership Committee, which may require a candidate interview. (application form)


Key Features


  1. Rights: Participants will enjoy for nine months all membership benefits and privileges apart from signing rights, voting rights, the entitlement to stand for election to elected committees, morrings, marina berths and hardstandings, and hiring the Club's rowing boats.  The scheme will be available to participants and their family members only once and cannot be extended.
  2. Card and Payment: The Club will issue an Introductory Scheme Card to each participant which enables him or her to access the Club and to use the Club’s facilities.  His or her spouse (legally married) and children up to the age of 18 can use the Club facilities only when accompanied by the participant.  When purchasing food and beverage and paying for Club facilities, the participant must present his or her valid Introductory Scheme Card and use an Octopus Card for payment.  The participant must always carry his or her Introductory Scheme Card when visiting the Club.  Unmarried and married participants may bring 1 and 2 guests respectively to the Club.  Thus, a participant may hold banquets at the Club provided that payment in advance.
  3. Mentor: Each participant will be allocated a member of the Club who will act as their mentor and introduce him or her to the sailing or rowing activities at the Club. 
  4. Log Sheet: Participants will be issued a log sheet with their application form to record their participation in rowing or sailing activities.  They will also be given a guidance note explaining the next steps to become an ordinary member, highlighting how they should maintain their sailing or rowing activities in order to fulfil ordinary membership criteria. 
  5. Application Process: Only one life, full or ordinary member is required to endorse the application.  Participants will pay the following subscription fees during the trial period: married couple $3,048 per month and single $2,364 per month.  Half of the total subscription fees paid by the participants will be treated as an entrance fee down payment (approximately 10%) when they apply for ordinary membership.
  6. Deposit: A direct debit authorisation must accompany an application for the scheme (for payment of the monthly subscription).  To secure payment of the monthly subscription the applicant must pay a refundable deposit equivalent to two months subscription when an application is submitted.  It is refundable after making any deductions for monies owed to the Club at the end of participation in the scheme or it may be applied as a credit towards the entrance fee.


The General Committee may from time to time set a ceiling for the Scheme.  However, even when a ceiling is in place, the Membership Committee may continue to consider applications for the Introductory Scheme with successful candidates placed on a waiting list. The waiting period depends on the number of vacancies that arise due to the resignation of current participants.

The criteria and grading to place successful candidates on a waiting list:

Criteria / Guidelines


Waiting List 

Those applicants (i) who have completed a sailing or rowing training course, (ii) have been sailing or rowing in Hong Kong on a regular basis during the most recent 12 months, or (iii) would satisfy the criteria for Ordinary Membership had they applied for it.

First priority when a vacancy arises.


Those applicants who don't qualify for the A list but have limited sailing or rowing experience and otherwise qualify for participation in the Scheme.

Candidates can only be admitted when A list is cleared and vacancies are available.


Those applicants who don't qualify for either A or B list but have expressed a genuine interest in sailing or rowing activities and otherwise qualify for participation in the Scheme.

Candidates can only be admitted when B list is cleared and vacancies are available.




All successful candidates whose names are placed on a waiting list may submit their further sailing or rowing activities to the Membership Committee. (download re-assessment list)

Please contact the Membership Office on 2239-0372 for more details.