The RHKYC has a strong network within the local communities where our clubhouses are based. The RHKYC Charity Foundation goals and objectives are based on supporting these communities with three core pillars:  under privileged and needy children, mariners and seafarers groups and marine related environmental causes.

On a macro scale, we seek to partner with organisations for the long term where we can strengthen their affiliation with water and ocean appreciation e.g. water sports events for ill or needy children, fostering relationships with mariners in need, and marine preservation causes such as beach clean ups.  We can provide volunteers, expertise and funding to our partners as we develop long-term relationships of mutual giving and support.

We are currently already working alongside or are exploring opportunities with the following charitable organisations:

- The Red Cross Hospital Schools 香港紅十字會醫院學校
- The Mission to Seafarers 海員之家
- Ebenezer School and Home for the Visually Impaired 心光盲人院暨學校
- Sea Scouts of Hong Kong 香港海童軍
- International Social Services (Hong Kong Branch) 香港國際社會服務社
- The Boys and Girls Club Association 香港小童群益會
- Society for Community Organization 香港社區組織協會
- Sailability Hong Kong
- Room to Read
- Operation Santa Claus 愛心聖誕大行動
- Ocean Recovery Alliance
- Plastic Free Seas無塑海洋
- Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service循道衛理觀塘社會服務處
- Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association Social Service香港仔街坊福利會社會服務中心
- Hong Kong Shark Foundation 香港護鯊會

On the micro side, we seek to build and sustain relationship with individual beneficaries.

Organisations or individuals that fall within the mandate of the RHKYC Charity Foundation can approach us by email or call 2239 0342.  Our door is always open.