Tuesday, 27 October (1830hrs - 1930hrs) Tomes Room

RHKYC Charity Foundation is hosting a series of talks called 'People Fixing Asia'.  Inspiring guest speakers have been invited to share with our members and guests on various topics about making Asia a better place.

Topic: Mountains to Oceans – bathtubs, ice and nukes
It’s not just polar bears and penguins … we too will feel the pain of melting ice. Water, the resource most vulnerable to climate change, is the only resource we cannot survive without. From melting glaciers & polar ice caps to less snow; changing monsoon patterns to extreme droughts & floods; sea level rise and storm surge – every component of water is impacted. In Asia hundreds of millions of people and billions of dollars could be impacted, yet are you on top of imminent threats ahead? The stakes are high but we cannot solve what we don’t understand – so join Debra on a journey from the Himalayas to Hong Kong on a whirlwind tour of fresh and saltwater threats across Asia. Armed with bathtubs, ice and nukes, you too will have everything you need to know to start saving our waters from our mountains to our oceans. Join us to help waterproof Asia in a changing climate.

Speaker: Debra Tan, Director and Head, CWR
Tan heads China Water Risk (CWR), a non-profit think tank that works to embed water and climate risks in business & finance. She built CWR from an idea into the ‘go-to’ resource and leader in the water risk conversation globally. Today, CWR works with multiple financial institutions, corporates and government-related bodies. Reports Tan has written for and with financial institutions analyzing the impact of water risks across various industries have been considered groundbreaking and instrumental in understanding not just China’s but future global water challenges. One of these led to the nomination of CWR for the Global Leadership Awards in Sustainable Apparel; others are helping investors build consensus toward water risk valuation. Tan sits on various water advisory councils & technical working groups and is a prolific speaker at water award seminars, investor & industry conferences as well as policy & academic forums. Before venturing into the water world, Tan spent over a decade in finance. She spends her spare time exploring Himalayan glaciers in Asia. 

This is free of charge for members and their guests.  Please book by clicking the 'Book Now' button at the top of this page so we know how many are joining.

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