Friday, 10 June (1900hrs - 2230hrs) Middle Island

Delicious seafood will be served directly and literally on your table whilst you can enjoy the seasonal catch at Middle Island.

Seafood including Scallops, Mussels, Sole Fillets, Shrimp, Crab, Whelks, Clams, etc and other ingredients are served with garnish and sauces. Add to that unlimited Salmon Pizza and Baby Shrimp with Mushroom Pasta, French Baguette, French Fries and Salad throughout the night!

Each adult diner will be served Chef’s recommended half Boston lobster dish upon arrival.

$398 per person with apron and gloves provided.

Extended Sampan Service for Middle Island
Apart from the regular sampan, we will have a second sampan running from Deep Water Bay from 1800hrs to 2300hrs.

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For enquiries, please call the F&B Office on 2239 0386 or email


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