Saturday, 27 February to Sunday, 28 February Middle Island


New Dates: 27 and 28 February 2021 (Saturday and Sunday) at Middle Island

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Event Overview:

Red Bull 3 Peaks Returns to Challenge Peak Warriors with Outrigger Canoeing, Open Water Swimming and Trail Running. New Category - Coastal Rowing is added to the 2020 Edition.

2020 is not like any other year. Without any travel plans in mind, why not challenge yourself while exploring the local picturesque landscape by participating in the Red Bull 3 Peaks Race – a multi-sport adventure race co-organised by Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and Red Bull– set to take place from 12 to 13 December. This year, coastal rowing has been added to encourage more participants to join.

Coastal rowing is a newly added category scheduled to take place on the first day of the event, together with Outrigger Canoeing Open teams, with the aim of attracting more athletes to have a taste of this challenging race.

The course comprises a 50m swim, 12km of paddling and 5km of trail running. The second day features the main Red Bull 3 Peaks Ultra Race, targeted at experienced outrigger crews who are ready to push their limits. The Ultra race involves a 50m swim, 25km of paddling and 10km of trail running that will put the teams to the ultimate test.

The Red Bull 3 Peaks Race will take place mainly in the southern part of Hong Kong Island. There are three stops in the race course. To complete the race, teams will have to swim for 50m and then climb aboard an outrigger canoe and paddle to the first of three checkpoints, two members of the crew will have to run up the hill then back to the water to rejoin their team for the paddle to the next checkpoint. The team who crosses the finish line first is the winner.

For the composition of teams, Open teams should comprise five enthusiasts with organisers assigning one experienced paddler to each squad on race day as a safety measure whereas the Red Bull Ultra Race team should comprise six experienced outrigger canoeists. Coastal Rowing Coxed Quads will be used by the Coastal Rowing Teams and hence, a team of five should be formed for those who join this category. All participants are required to swim, paddle and run over a set course; demonstrating speed, strategy and stamina while embracing the virtues of teamwork.

This year’s event is proudly sponsored by Goji Studios and YOUNI, dedicated to providing customised fitness training programmes and nutrition advice to help individual to achieve their fitness goals. For our athletes to enjoy the bustling vibe of the studios, each participant signed up for the event will enjoy a Goji Express 7 Days Trial Pass that comes along with the race kit. For the Champion of the Red Bull 3 Peaks Ultra Race, each member of the team will receive a Goji Studios Complimentary 3 Months Goji Lite Membership, together with the race trophy to celebrate the great achievement of conquering the Red Bull 3 Peaks!

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