Tuesday, 20 November to Tuesday, 31 December

HF/ GMDSS/DSC Long Range Radio Operator Course

The aim of Long Rang course is to operate VHF & MF/HF DSC/TRANSCEIVERS, NAVTEX, SART, EPIRB and IMMARSAT C equipment. To send and receive: Distress, Urgency, Safety alerts/communications and communications relating to ships business and other routine traffic. To increase the safety of small vessels at sea.

Entries can be made by online application. * Please see the information about Course Outline (LRC)

Open to all with or without previous Radio Operator qualifications. This will lead to the Long Range Qualification (VHF & HF).


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Long Range Radio 


COURSE COST:(including Exam Fee)

HK$5,000 (member)
HK$6,250 (HKSF affiliated Clubs Member by cheque/bank-in)
HK$6,850 (non-member by cheque/bank-in)
*Plus 3% charge by credit card (Visa/Marste/JCB)

RHKYC Kellett Island, Causeway Bay

Mr. Simon Boyde

Examinations will be conducted at the RHKYC and upon successful completion students will be able to apply to OFCA for their Operators Certificate.

We suggest that you carefully consult your diary before enrolling as Course Fees cannot be refunded.  Please ensure that you arrive promptly so as not to keep the Instructor and the other students waiting. Please check the attendance level required for each course. If you miss more than one session you will not be eligible to take the examination. Students should also bring a highlighter pen for use during the course.

Students who are not RHKYC members may collect a student card at reception at the start of their course that will entitle them to purchase food/drink from either the Bistro or Main Bar using their personal Octopus Card each day/evening of the course.

Please note that priority will be given to RHKYC members who return their application form 3 weeks prior to the start of the course. All other applicants will be accepted on a first come first served basis.

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