Saturday, 4 June China Sea and Tomes Room

Ocean literacy is an understanding of the ocean’s influence on you—and your influence on the ocean. This program will allow cadets to become familiar with the Ocean Literacy Principles and become more confident about their understanding of marine ecosystems, animal/plant populations and their distribution within Hong Kong.

For this session, The Harbour School’s resident marine biologists from its Marine Science Center will come to The Royal Hong Kong
Yacht Club and introduce key ecosystems particularly around Kellett island, provide an overview of marine animals in the area and provide resources and supplies to assist in the learning.

About the THS Resident Marine Biologists
The programs will be presented by The Harbour School’s resident marine biologists, Sarah Taylor (BSc Ocean Science) and Maxine Cutracci (BSc Biology, MSc Marine Biology):
- Sarah Taylor, Marine Science Manager and Teacher
- Maxine Cutracci, Marine Science Specialist & Science Coordinator

Topics and Activities including
Ocean Literacy (20 mins)
○ This will include 10 minute talk to help the students understand the meaning of ocean literacy and will include short pre and post experience survey to measure the current ocean literacy at the RHKYC.

Waterside Exploration (30 mins)
○ This will include a walk down to the club’s dock and will include:
   - Exploration of the area and its ecosystems
   - Use of plankton net to collect samples
   - Scraping of dock side for organism samples

Ecosystem Dynamics and Chemical Oceanography (40mins)
○ This will include:
   - Testing of HK water samples with test kits to gauge levels of pollution to help understand ocean chemistry
   - Viewing samples with microscopes to understand differences in phytoplankton and zooplankton

Hong Kong Marine Life (40mins)
○ This will include a biodiversity lab to:
   - Identify animals and algae
   - Calculate biodiversity of samples

● THS Kellett island map & species identification card
● Refractometer

Participant fee
$350 per cadet member (age 10 - 18)

Morning from 1000hrs to 1200hrs 
Afternoon from 1400hrs to 1600hrs 

- Minimum 8 and maximum 16 participants for this program
- For members only. No guests allowed.

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