Wednesday, 9 January (1900hrs - 2000hrs) Gun Room

Every year over 100 million sharks are caught worldwide for shark fins and other shark products with over 50% of the world’s shark fins being traded right here through Hong Kong.  As apex predators, sharks are a crucial part of the marine food chain. The increased demand for shark products has contributed to the rapid decline of many species with over 1/3 of shark species already nearing extinction.  Removing sharks from our oceans will threaten the delicate balance of our marine ecosystems that are valuable sources of food and key elements in regulating our climate. 

Hong Kong Shark Foundation (HKSF) is a local, grassroots charity started in 2008 whose aim is to raise awareness about shark conservation, particularly the unsustainable practice of shark finning, and to reduce consumption of shark products in Hong Kong.

Andrea Richey, Education Director at HKSF, believes that it is Hong Kong’s youth who are in a rare position to make a significant impact to promote much needed shark conservation on a global scale and HKSF's Shark Ambassador Education Programme is the student lead education program that enables motivated students to become a vital part of that important shark conservation movement.   Currently rolled out in five high schools and one university in Hong Kong, the Shark Ambassadors program puts students in charge, builds heir leadership capacity and responsibility while creating real change.

Passionate about saving sharks, Andrea has been with HKSF since 2015 promoting this education program and shark conservation after leaving the corporate legal world. Come along to hear more about the local work that is being done by the Hong Kong Shark Foundation and the Shark Ambassador Program at schools in Hong Kong.  We can all make a difference especially our young members who are the way forward!

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