Saturday, 30 January (1300hrs - 1600hrs) Regatta Room

Come and join us if you are excited to know more about what lies in store in the Year of the Ox from our invited Feng Shui Master!

Feng Shui is written as “wind and water” in Chinese. The term refers to geomancy, but encompasses geography, astronomy, astrology and meteorology. The theory stems from a holistic philosophy that views total connectivity of everything in this universe – from the date and time of your birth to the orientation of space which affects the flow of your qi (electromagnetic energy).

Master Zhong Yong Han has been learing Feng Shui since childhood with the family earning a living with Feng Shui for generations. As a MBA and member of the Chartered Institute of Housing, Master Zhong is an expert in housing management. He deeply felt that the property environment where people live or do activities is closey related to people’s physical and mental health and development. Combing his studies, Master Zhong is now a tutor at Wisdoms World and famous for teaching Feng Shui from a scientific perspective and popular among students.

HK$328 per person with Chinese Dim Sum and tea to be served during the class.


30 January 2021


Regatta Room


1300hrs to 1600hrs


HK$328 per person

*Guest limit and tables sizes depend on the prevailing social distancing measures

For reservation, please email to or contact Banquet office at 2239 0339 or 2239 0327.

Event is now fully booked. 

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