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Organised by Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

Starts 1210hrs Thursday 01 April 2010,
Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong




Offshore Race Tracking

Official Tracking Provider



Java must be installed on your computer. If you cannot see the map in the large box below, Java is either not installed or there may be an issue with your region's broadband width.

Note: At present, readings are not being received from Kei Lun or Hi Fi, indicating that the unit may not be receiving power. Current positions of these boats have been updated from the 1800hrs position radio schedule. 

Quick Jump: Track by Fleet | Track by Division | Google Earth Backdrop | User Guide

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There are several ways you can view the Rolex China Sea Race Fleet this year.

1) Track By Fleet 2) Track By Division 3) Google Earth Backdrop
username - rhkycfree 
password - rhkycfree
IRC Racing A
username - ircdiva
password - rcsr

IRC Racing B
username - ircdivb
password - rcsr

IRC Racing C
username - ircdivc
password - rcsr

IRC Premier Cruising
username - ircprem
password - rcsr

IRC Cruising
username - irccru
password - rcsr

Right click on the link above and save the KML file on to your desk top. 

When you double click the resulting icon, Google Earth will open up showing the fleet.

Options 1 and 2 require you to have Java installed on your PC, while 3 requires installation of Google Earth.

A brief user guide .....

If you are having difficulty viewing the tracking, please check that Java is installed in your computer, in order for you to view the map. If you have Java, there may be an issue with your region's broadband width.

If you want to zoom in on a group of boats, right click in the centre of the area you wish to see and then drag your mouse to outline the area. When you release the right click, the map should refresh to show your chosen area. 

If you want to move up, down or sideways, click on the white arrows on the frame.

If you right click on the map, you will see a menu of options. If you want distances, select 'on mouse click' then select 'accumulate distance' then left click the two points on the map (sorry - this only works for the version on

If you select 'show history' you can see the tracked route to date either for individual boats or for the fleet. We would recommend individual boats for this function! To reset, select 'show history' 'none'.

If you left click onto any boat icon, you will see a host of information for that boat, including weather information, boat speed, average speed, distance covered etc.

There are lots of other features for you to play with - enjoy! 

If you have any queries, please e-mail Lindsay and she will try to answer them, however please be aware that sometimes units will fail to get a reading due to prevailing wind and sea conditions. 

Problems with viewing tracking have been reported from Australia and New Zealand, which apparently are to do with the broadband widths in the region. Your feedback is always collated and sent back to Pole Star after the race, so please do let us know if you experience difficulty in viewing the tracking.