Adult Rowing Courses


Target Rowers Coaching


Level 1
Introduction Course

Complete Novice
Rowers who haven't
rowed for a long time

1:4 Middle Island

※ Introduction to the sports & boathouse
※ The use of ergo and what all number means
※ Basic sequence and correct positions of rowing
※ Rowing vocabulary
※ Boat handling 
※ Safety rules & traffic patterns
※ Commands in rowing
※ Basic balance and boat maneuver skills
※ Basic blade work and body techniques
※ Capsize drills

Level 2
Intermediate Skills
Graduates from
Beginner course
Experienced Sweep Rowers who
want to improve sculling skill
1:8 Middle Island ※ Advanced boat maneuver skills
※ Intermediate blade work and body techniques
※ Crew boat
※ Responsibilities of different positions in the boat
※ Synchronize with crew members
※ Learn to row faster
※ Self practice time
Development Course

Graduates from
Supervised course
Experienced Rowers
(Scull / Sweep)

Limited Coaching Middle Island
/ Shing Mun River

※ Train with club crew 
※ Technique clinic session once a month
※ Local & oversea Competition
※ Experience the real club crew environment


*Coaching , insurance, facilities, equipment & maintenance charges are all included in the fees.