Oversea Visiting Yachts

Oversea visiting yachtsmen should contact the Club’s Marine office via marine@rhkyc.org.hk prior to arrival to make temporary berthing arrangements. Visiting yacht crew should register as visitors via the Club’s Membership office upon arrival at the Club.

Oversea visiting Yachts should visit the Hong Kong  Marine Departments website, at http://www.mardep.gov.hk/en/pub_services/ocean/notes_ymaster.html, for full information of pre-arrival formalities.

Port formalities

No vessel is allowed to enter Hong Kong waters without the permission of the Director of Marine. Not less than 24 hours prior to entering into Hong Kong waters, masters/owners/agents of visiting yachts/pleasure vessels shall apply in writing for permission by providing a Pre-Arrival Notification (PAN) to the Marine Department (MD). The PAN of a Visiting Yacht/Pleasure Vessel (DOC) should be provided to the Vessel Traffic Centre (VTC) of MD.

Hong Kong Marine Department Notices

Oversea visiting yachts/pleasure vessels entering Hong Kong waters are required to complete port formalities with the Department of Health, Immigration Department (PDF) and Marine Department. Please visit the homepage of the Customs and Excise Department for cargo clearance and passenger clearance where appropriate

Arrival at RHKYC - Causeway Bay
1) Upon arrival, the vessel master should proceed immediately to the Port Control Immigration office, 2nd floor, Central Government Pier, 32 Man Fai Street, Central. (open 24 Hrs) and present the following documents:

a. The vessel’s licence/registration documents
b. Valid Port Clearance Permit and Pratique issued by the last port of call.
c. Crew list in triplicate
d. Travel documents or Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card of all persons on board
e. Completed arrival/departure cards of persons on board, if necessary.

2) Port Clearance (with HK Marine Department) should be conducted after completion of Immigration procedures and within 24 Hrs of arrival (Note – Marine Department office Hours are 09:30 – 12:30 and 13:30 – 16:30 – Monday to Friday – closed weekends). The following documents should be presented:

a. Application for free Pratique (Port Health) Form available for download at:-   
b. Completed mo618 – General Declaration – in duplicate – available for download at:
c. Port clearance fee – currently HK$ 58
d. The vessel’s licence/registration documents
e. A crew list (ID 207A) stamped by the Immigration Department
f. Port Clearance issued by the authority of the last port of call
g. Letter from RHKYC Marine office confirming the yacht’s mooring location
h. Permission to Navigate for Visiting Pleasure Vessels to Cruise in Hong Kong

3) Visiting sailors’ attention is drawn to the following:

a. HK Marine Department will require yachts to produce proof that a suitable mooring  
    has been allocated to the vessel.
b. Foreign flag vessels need to apply to HK Marine Department for a Permit to Navigate  
    should the vessel need to move from the allocated mooring.
c. Any yacht remaining in Hong Kong for more than 182 days will be required to be
    licensed with the HK Marine Department as a Class IV Pleasure Vessel.

Detailed information on Hong Kong port formalities can be downloaded via the Hong Kong Marine Department website. http://www.mardep.gov.hk/en/pub_services/ocean/notes_ymaster.html

For full details of marina facilities, contact the Marine Department at tel: +852 2239 0309, fax: +2572 5399 or email: marine@rhkyc.org.hk.

General Information

1) Coordinates for RHKYC facilities

Entrance to Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter  -  22 17’ 09N  114 10’ 09E
Middle Island pontoon    -  22 14’ 09N  114 11’ 12E
Shelter Cove pontoon     -  22 22’ 00N  114 16’ 07E

2) Recommended Admiralty Charts

1 3026 Outer approaches to Hong Kong 160,000
2 937 Eastern approaches to Hong Kong 75,000
3 341 Macao to Hong Kong 75,000


3) Climate

Hong Kong's climate is sub-tropical, tending towards temperate for nearly half the year. During the autumn and winter months high pressure over Asia and low pressure in the Western Pacific result in a North East monsoon bringing cooler dry weather to the South China Coast, with average wind speeds of force 3 to 4 – although offshore a surge in the  monsoon can produce significant winds (force 8 to 10 and significant wave heights). January and February tend to be the coolest months with the most cloud cover, with occasional cold fronts followed by dry northerly winds. It is not uncommon for temperatures to drop below 10 °C in urban areas. The lowest temperature recorded at the Observatory is 0 ° C, although sub-zero temperatures and frost occur at times on high ground and in the New Territories. The summer months tend to be hot and humid, with the possibility of typhoons affecting Hong Kong between June and October (and even occasionally into November).

For detailed information on weather in HK please visit the Hong Kong Observatory website at http://www.weather.gov.hk/contente.htm


Kellett Island Boatyard 

50 T Marine Travel Hoist

25T mobile crane (mast stepping etc)
Forklift truck
Rigging (including rod cold heading & swaging)
Fibreglass and gel coat repairs
New Boat Commissioning
Sub-contractors – 



Marine Electronics

Specialist stainless steel fabrication

Canvas/awning works
  Ship Shop Extensive range of chandlery

Fore and aft style moorings in Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter.
Up to 10 guest moorings available from 12-25 Mtrs.

Water depth varies between 2.5M –     3.8M  in Causeway Bay.

Vessels in excess of 100’ LOA may not   legally enter the Typhoon Shelter
  Pontoons / water Vessels may lay alongside from Monday PM to Friday AM with prior arrangement to take on water and conduct minor maintenance works.  
  F&B  2 restaurants - Compass Room (fine dining) and the Bistro (family restaurant), the Deck,  the Main Bar, various function rooms
  Other  Swimming Pool (with F&B)
    2 Squash Courts
    3-Lane Bowling Alley
    1 Snooker Room
Middle Island Moorings

A small number of both swing and fore and aft guest moorings available on a temporary basis.

  • Water depth varies between 3M-7M 
  Pontoons The pontoons are not suitable for vessels over 30 feet in length to moor alongside.
  Crane 5T fixed crane 
  Hardstanding 2 slipways with winches for dinghies and small craft. Storage for Club keelboat classes (J/80 etc)
  Sail Training Sail training centre with over 60 Club owned dinghies
  Boat Hire Sailing dinghies may be hired by members and visiting members if on “approved helm list”. 
  F&B Clubhouse with changing rooms, bar, function rooms, restaurant and BBQ facilities. 
Shelter Cove Moorings

Limited guest swing moorings MAY be available. Please check with the Marine office.

Water depth varies between 2.2M to 6M on our Shelter Cove moorings.   

46 berth marina with shore power and water. Berths from 12M to 26M. Availability of guest berths is very limited. Please check with the Marine office.

Water depth varies between 2.2M to 4M at the Shelter Cove Marina.
  Pontoons Vessels may lay alongside from Monday PM to Friday AM with prior arrangement to take on water and conduct minor maintenance works.
  Crane 3T pillar crane
  Hardstanding Slipway for launching tenders and small craft. Storage for member-owned Class keelboats (Dragons & Sportsboats)  
  F&B Clubhouse with changing rooms, bar, restaurant and BBQ facilities
Signature events Around the Island Race Annual / November
  China Coast Race Week Annual / October
  Rolex China Sea Race Biennial / Easter / held  in even years
  Hong Kong to Puerto Galera Race Biennial / Easter / held in odd years
  Hong Kong to Vietnam Race

Biennial / October held in odd years

  Hong Kong to Hainan Race Biennial / October held in even years
  Spring (Closing) Regatta Annual / May
  Autumn (Opening) Regatta Annual / September
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Total – 12,808
Active Members – 5,395
Life Absent Members – 7,413
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