Vision and Mission


To be a premier international yachting and rowing club of which our Members can be proud


  1. To foster the sports of sailing and rowing, making them accessible to all levels of society in Hong Kong
  2. To provide an environment where young people can develop a passion for and excel in our core sports
  3. To raise the profile of sailing and rowing in Hong Kong internationally by hosting international sailing & rowing events
  4. To actively collaborate with suitable stakeholders in China and the wider community to drive the growth of our core sports
  5. To make the club a venue of choice by developing and maintaining world class services, facilities and events that exceed members’ expectations
  6. To be an active member of society, working with the local community and fostering relationships with both public and private organisations
  7. To be an employer of choice
  8. To embrace change and opportunities
  9. To make all the above sustainable






  1. 促進帆船和划艇運動的發展,使其普及至香港社會各階層
  2. 提供一個讓年青人對我們核心運動全情投入及盡情發揮的環境
  3. 通過主辦國際帆船及划艇活動,提高香港帆船及划艇運動之國際形象
  4. 積極與中國各合適伙伴及廣泛社區協作,以推動我們核心運動之發展
  5. 發展及維持能超越會員期望的世界級服務、設施及活動,使本會成為備受選擇的會所
  6. 成為社會上的積極份子,跟本地社區合作,促進與公共及私營機構的關係
  7. 成為一個被受選擇的僱主
  8. 接受轉變以迎接契機
  9. 確保上述各項的持續性