The Squash Section has a long history at the RHKYC and has participated in the annual leagues run by Hong Kong Squash since the beginning.  With most of us having ‘webbed feet’ it has been difficult to get into the top divisions of one of the most thriving squash fraternities in the world of more than 3,000 registered and competing players.

Nevertheless, successive generations of the Club’s players have brought some success and we are amongst the most active of Hong Kong ’s sporting clubs. 


To promote squash amongst RHKYC members, their families and friends, as an outstanding way of keeping fit and having fun! All are welcome to play, either in the Club’s representative teams or just for enjoyment.


The following annual schedule is a measure of both the Club’s competitive and social spirit at all levels:

- RHKYC Internal League (Monthly ‘box’ and challenge). Follow this ongoing, challenging competition for monthly bragging rights within the Club. Enter your scores here.

- Open Squash (Winter & Summer seasons), We have 2 teams registered in Div. 10 and Div. 15 split to suit individual standards and seeding ability. 12 players are registered, with 5 playing each week during the season with opposing teams located on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Winter season is nearly over and we will be taking registrations for summer season soon. We are especially keen to have a reliable attendance group of younger players for seeding / ranking to play at nos 1, 2 & 3

- Masters Squash, In addition we have 2 Masters Teams (over 40 yrs.), M2 including players from RHKYC and American club and M3 team with RHKYC members. This is popular competition and restricted to club organisations. The games are competitive but the focus is for the host team to entertain their guests with our magnificent facilities. We register 15 players with 5 playing at any one time. Work commitments means that we always need players available to play at Seeding 1 & 2 in particular.

- Monthly Internal Tournament, this is a very popular internal (box) tournament. Players are grouped according to playing ability into boxes (4-6) and promotion and regulation each month. Players organise their own games to suit their personal timeline and record their scores on an online webpage. Players are expected to play their 3-5 games each month.

- Annual Handicap Tournament & Poolside dinner ,this is a popular end of year event usually in November.  Preliminary games are on Friday PM and with playoffs and finals with Dinner on Saturday PM.

In addition to the above, we have friendly tournaments with dinners jointly hosted with Football Club, HKCC, LRC and other clubs.


We also have members that attend international events such as doubles squash in Singapore and international master’s games.


The club has an open booking on Saturday mornings (11AM to 1230PM) open to anyone that wishes to have a hit.

Appearing on Court  

You can book a court at the Club’s Reception when open, or the Main Bar (tel 2832 2817).  Sessions are 45 mins and cost HK$40 (HK$50 if one of the players is a non-RHKYC member).  If you are new to the game, or need to get back into it, call one of the Committee / Convenors (details listed above) and come along!  There is also a ‘free session’ on Saturday from 1015hrs to 1230hrs, when you can play with anyone else who turns up – a good way to meet people and to widen your experience. 

The Rules

Note that, following a decision made by the WSF in 2008, the English scoring system has given way to (PAR = Point a Rally scoring);  in Hong Kong (Winter League), we play to 15 – except at the highest level, which is played to 11, as is the Summer League.  Safety is key, so wear safety goggles/glasses and know the local interpretation of the ‘Turning Rule’.

Click here for the current rules for usage of the Club's squash courts.

Most of all, ladies, gentlemen and your kids – ENJOY YOUR SQUASH!   


The photos on this page are refreshed every month or two, so if you have a dynamic shot of our teams or individual players (high resolution), send it in for consideration.

Contact us:

The Squash Convenor is Francis Longuepee (francis.hkg@ctlhk.com.hk and Tel 9195 3510) or Angelo Iannazzo (angelo.iannazzo@gmail.com, 9533 0382) who can be contacted for further information.




The present Squash Committee comprises:

Club Convenor
Francis Longuepee

Main Division Convenor and Scribe
Paul Denham

Masters Convenor
Adrian Peirse

Internal League Convenor
Francis Longuepee

Annual Tournament Convenor
Elliot Froidevaux


Some Useful Links

HK Squash


World Squash Federation  



(There are many other websites also promoting/teaching Squash)