Other Sports

The RHKYC features other sporting facilities of a high standard. The Bowling Alley, Squash Courts and Snooker Table are fully maintained to give high performance games.   For further enquires on booking, please contact Reception on 2832 2817.


The bowling lanes are open from daily from 1100hrs to 2230hrs.   The Bowling Convenor can be reached at bowling@rhkyc.org.hk


We have two air-conditioned squash courts which are open from 0715hrs to 2300hrs daily.  Francis Longuepee is the Squash Convenor and if you are interested in getting more involved, please contact him on 2913 8806 or by email.  For further information on Squash please click here.


The Snooker table is located in the Pat Loseby Room.  If you would like to play, please contact Reception on 2832 2817.