Snooker Rules and Booking

There is no charge to play Snooker.

These rules governing the use of the Snooker tablle (in the Pat Loseby Room) are based on the Snooker Bye-Laws approved by General Committee. The complete Bye-Law is available at Reception.

Conduct and Use

1. In the interests of preserving the expensive but delicate baize cloth:-

No glasses, or items other than cue chalk, may be placed on the table surround, nor should they be held over the cloth at any time.

Learners, in particular, should exercise care in not striking the cue ball too low. This may cause the cue ball to jump, and risks tearing the cloth with the tip of the cue.

2. No food may be consumed within this room.

3. No persons under the age of 16 may play.

4. Members should approach Reception to pick up and return the balls, unless there is a player in the room or a follow-on player waiting.

5. Damage to or loss of items will be charged to the account of the member signing for the session in which such damage or loss occurred.

6. Lights should be extinguished after play.

7. Members are permitted to wait in the Snooker Room for the table to become vacant. However they must do so quietly and without causing any distraction to those playing.

8. Usage after 2300hrs will attract overtime payment. **


1. Bookings can be made up to 3 days in advance either in person or by telephoning Reception between 0800hrs and 2200hrs, or after 2200hrs to the Main Bar. On-line booking is also now available - click here.

2. No member may book the room for more than two periods of 1 hour per day without the permission of the General Manager.

3. If the Snooker Room is not occupied within 10 minutes of the commencement of the period for which it has been booked, the room may be used by any members waiting to play; the original booking will be deemed to be cancelled.

4. Bookings for the Snooker Room may be cancelled with no fee charged if the cancellation is made before the day for which the room has been booked. Cancellation of a room on the day of use will result in no fee being charged only if another member takes up the vacant room.

** Overtime is charged at $180 per hour, plus $75 travelling allowance.