Scuba Diving

Introducing the fifth non-core sport of the RHKYC – scuba diving!

Our core sports are all related to water, but they all take place on the surface. And while Hong Kong has stunning backdrops for exciting races and amasing cruising, there is a whole different world waiting to be explored – below the surface.

Following in the footsteps of the existing non-core sports of the Club, we are launching the Kellet Diving Society (KDS). The main focus of this society will be to build a community of like-minded members who share the passion to protect, explore and learn more about the underwater world. Everyone is welcome – regardless of experience or certification level. We will be diving agency agnostic – any certification of a known diving agency is welcome! If members desire further training, courses from beginner up to instructor level will be available, with certification issued through the largest and best-known diving agency globally, PADI.

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If you are interested – whether very experienced and passionate, certified but a bit “rusty”, or always wanted to learn but never got around doing it –please fill in this questionnaire, and become a part of the Kellet Diving Society!  Your details will be shared with the Diving Convenor.

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