Sampan / Ferry Time-Table

Kellett Island

Mondays to Fridays
Weekends and Public Holidays
Middle Island
Mobile : 9427-9038
Mondays to Thursdays
Sundays and Public Holidays
1000hrs to 2230hrs
1000hrs to 2330hrs
0730hrs to 2330hrs
0730hrs to 2230hrs
Shelter Cove
Mobile : 9425-9138
Mondays to Thursdays
Weekends & Public Holidays
0900hrs to 1900hrs
0900hrs to 2030hrs
0800hrs to 2030hrs

** Kellett Island Sampan **

**Covid-19 Precautionary Measures and Notices

Due to Temporary Closure of Sporting Facilities at all Clubhouses , there will be no Club sampan at Kellett Island.  If you wish to gain access to your boat on a mooring in the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter, you may only do so by accessing a private sampan from the Noon Day Gun. For Causeway Bay Public Sampan Service, please contact Ms. Chan 9079 7039.

** Middle Island Sampan **

The sampan is for members of the Club and their accompanied guests and those taking part in organised sailing and rowing activities.